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What's so special about FIJI?


FIJI Water is different because of its extraordinary source – a protected artesian aquifer found deep underground in the remote Fiji Islands. The unique mineral profile, which contributes to FIJI Water’s signature soft, smooth taste, reflects The Nature of Water™ sourced from an artesian aquifer and untouched until you unscrew the cap.

What are FIJI's sales?
  • FIJI charges $3 per bottle and makes $0.90 profit per bottle.
  • The Wonderful Company LLC acquired FIJI from David Glimour in 2004. The Wonderul Company has revenues of over $4.8 billion.
  • "Fiji's bottling plant is an ISO 14001 certified facility, which is part of what allowed them to, 'increase bottle-making and filling efficiency by 15% in 2009'" (FIJI Water 2010).
FIJI makes you not only feel good because of the fine artesian water you are consuming, but they are a huge part of contribution to the environment. You are doing the world a favor by choosing FIJI.
  • "FIJI donated $100,000 to help local neighborhoods in FIJI. This is meager in comparison to the company's massive marketing budget, which clocked in at $10 million in 2008. They also paid $250,000 to be part founders of a soccer stadium." (Sustainability Report University of Vermont).

FIJI waters partners are..

  1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  2. The Grand Del Mar, San Diego
  3. Club Octagon, Seoul
  4. Strip House, New York
  5. Wet Republic, Las Vegas
  6. XS, Las Vegas
  7. Tippling Ckub, San Diego
  8. Bourbon Steak, Miami
  9. The Soho Hotel, London
  10. Spice Market, New York
  11. Loew's, Miami
  12. Fat Cow, Singapore

FIJI waters biggest competitors..

According to
Facts against competitors:
  1. "The first prong of Fiji Water’s communication strategy was building personal relationships with the chefs of leading restaurants, resorts and spas to promote the buy-in of the brand. Gilmour used his contacts in the hotel industry to pitch his product to the top-end hotels, resorts and restaurants. By coming out with an award-winning slippery silver bottle design, Fiji water has been able to replace Evian in many of the top-end restaurants."

The Wonderful Company owns FIJI Water, and sells other products such as...

Available on FIJI's website is reports proving the minerals in the water and that it's FDA approved and no bad chemicals contained
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