We Are Protectors Guardians of the Family

In the last post I began to discuss what disruptors I were referring to, and they are Endocrine Disruptors. They break the harmony of our harmonal system, which interrupt the health flow of life through our bodies.

I Must Break YOU

So, Literally the periodic interruptions that our bodies experience daily is unbelievable. Consider this, Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) like phthalaltes, triclosan and even compounds detected in fish you should never eat are among the 85,000-plus manufactured chemicals in use in the United States. They’re found in everyday products and throughout the environment. For instance, did you know that things like atrazine increase tap water toxicity? It’s true. (Dr. Axe.com)

I’m Disrupting Your Body

The very things you trust every day to clean your home, you and your families body. To be frank with you we have been being experiment on for the longest. But quess what there is hope. The degree to which we are being affected is very high, I mean extremely high.

Every Morning Women are exposed to at least 168 different chemicals

Everyday women are exposed to at least 168 different chemicals while getting dressed each and every day. Disruption is in every arisole can, shampoo, conditioners, tooth paste, mouth wash, soaps, lotions, makeup, lipstick and lipgloss. The list is quite extensive.

The Bridge to recovery

Research spanning the last 25 years implicates endocrine disruptors in many health problems, including male reproductive disorders, premature death, obesity and diabetes, neurological impacts, breast cancer, endometriosis, female reproductive disorders, immune disorders, liver cancer, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s symptoms, prostate cancer, and thyroid disorders. (Dr. Axe.com)

What are your thoughts so far?

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Dr. Axe. Com (Endrocrine Disruptors) Photos contribution: GuoGuiyan.com, hybrid services.co.uk, Wikipedia,

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