How to make a Wooden Spatula By Amanda bowman

Hardwoods have been a popular choice for utensils for a very long time. They are sturdy but relatively easy to cut out and shape simple tools. A well-oiled and maintained wooden utensil can last for years. Simply pick you shade of wood. Light or Dark. I myself went with a dark color.

I think it's easier to pick a darker shade because it saves you the hassle of staining it to get a darker color later.

Using the 14" x 2" x 3/4", trace the top profiles onto your piece of wood. Tip: I might be easier to tape it down and to use a sharpie or pen so that you can see your outline clearly. Using the Saw of your choice cut out the outline to create the rough curvature if the spatula. Remember to cut carefully to the point where you can still see the outline so you can remove any sawing errors.

This is what it should look like after you cut it out even before you decide to sand it down.

Using the Oscillating Drum Sander, smooth the front face of the spatula. It is easier to do this now before cutting the front face to its finale profile. Remember to be careful when using certain equipment and to go by all safety rules.

Make sure to use your time wisely and to sand the wood to how you would like it. You don't want to many "waves" in your wood. You want a nice smooth feel to it.

After tracing the template to the front image of the spatula, go to the drill press. Using the drill press, or a brace and bit, cut out the hole you traced through the front face. Remember to be carefully and to use equipment wisely.

Using the saw of your choice, cut out the front profile.

Use sand paper or the Oscillating Drum Sander smooth the edges and give them a nice smooth and rounded feel that is comfortable to hold.

If you have follow all of these instructions then you got yourself a wooden spatula. Enjoy! It is durable and long lasting. Remember to take care of it.

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