College Visits How to Prepare and What to Expect

There is no resource that will provide you with a better sense of a college than the experience of a tour when you will see life on campus firsthand. Planning for a college visit is a simple process but there is some work you need to do before hand.

  1. Visit the Admissions website to determine when tours are offered.
  2. Register for the tour if possible.
  3. If an Information Session are offered, make sure to attend.
  4. Try to make contact with the Admissions Representative that works with BC High. Introduce yourself or make sure to take a business card and email that representative afterward. This is where you can begin the process of forming a relationship which will be important for you throughout your process.

Tips for Tours

  1. Make sure the school knows you are there. You need to either register online for the visit or complete an information card while on campus.
  2. Take some notes while on your tour. Try to write down details you might include in later essays or emails about the school. What is the name of your tour guide? What are they studying? Which building or opportunity on campus excited you the most?
  3. Reach out to BC High alums on campus. Speak to your Guidance Counselor before visiting a school. We may be able to connect you to a student that could speak to you about their experience.
  4. Take pictures. Many students will visit over 5 universities. Take pictures while on campus so you can look back and remember what enjoyed about each campus.

Boston Area Colleges

  • The Guidance Department strongly encourages each junior to visit 5 colleges.
  • There are 53 institutions of higher education inside of the I 95 / Route 128 loop. There is no excuse for you not to visit at least 5 universities.

Jesuit Colleges and Univesities

As a student at a Jesuit high school you may receive scholarships that are not available to students at other high schools. There are three universities that will offer a half-tuition scholarship to 1 student from BC High every year.

  1. Loyola University, Chicago
  2. Loyola Marymount
  3. Marquette

Maximize Your Trips

Before you travel to visit a university, research the other universities that may be near by. In the map, you can see that Quinnipiac University, Fairfield University, and Sacred Heart University are all within driving distance of each other. When you plan to visit a school, take the time to at least drive by the nearby universities. The more colleges you see, the more informed your entire college process

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