Achieving Sustainability through Non Profits Manuel Garcia

Working with various non profit organizations in the past years has allowed me to see that in order to create a shift in our current environmental problems and the way we view and approach them we must think globally but act locally. It is clear that in order to achieve this we must work with communities, bring the people that live in them together and help them find solutions to their local problem so that they will be more inclined to take actions because the problem affects the directly. Using non profit organizations who have a focus on sustainable issues such as environmental impacts, health and wellbeing, nutrition and agriculture, education and others we can get together and tackle these problems efficiently through collective work between the community, the government and the non profit organizations. Each non profit organization has a specific goal or mission that it is trying to achieve which will bring benefits to the community it serves but it does not always have solutions to every problem in the community. By working together with other local organizations they can achieve a goal that encompasses various aspect of sustainability, that can be either two organizations working together to solve obesity where one organizations focus is on health, the other is education and even get help form a nutritionist so that they cover all aspects of the underlying problem. This is a situation that I have seen many times with the organizations I have worked with, we approach a community and fix the problem we know exists but we also see that there are other problems in the community that can be addresses but they are just outside our limit of type of work. Working together with other organizations to solve local problems will allow us to create a sustainable solution for communities and step by step this will create a push forward for global sustainability and environmental well being.

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