Review of Medical Detectives Alberto acevedo

Etiology Lesson 4: CANCER

There were many things that I have learned, like one assignment I learned and like is cancer. I have more knowledge of cancer, for instance, cancer can spread tumors over your body, but you can stop a tumor with tumor suppressors.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

What I found interesting was how type one diabetes is more common in kids and much more dangerous than type two. Also what I found out about diabetes was how they can be genetically passed on.

These may look delicious but, they can cause diabetes, so don't be going and eat junk food.

Food borne Mystery Illness

Like many foods out there you trust, but what I tell you that the food you eat all the time might be contaminated one day. For example, there is a disease called E.Coil 157:H7, this is found in mostly meat and can lasted around up to 2-5 days. There are many other ones that last up more than 2 weeks.

Like this can have a deadly disease and you may have to go to the hospital.

Vitals Part 1: TEMPREATURE

What I found out in medical Detectives was how most of the people around the world use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. Also when your body gets hot and sick it means your body is fighting off the bacteria.

For example this kid is sick and inside him her white blood cells are fighting off the bacteria.


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