Leading in the Library Ghana Forum two: participant feedback

In June 2017 Denise Mulligan and Simon Oldroyd (Caplor Horizons) and Kemal Shaheen (INASP) visited Accra to work with the Consortium for Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH) for the second phase of Leading in the Library: a learning lab for sustainable access to knowledge in developing countries.

Denise and Simon with the CARLIGH family!

The Learning Lab is an iterative, flexible and problem solving approach to building library consortia capacity in Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Over three phases in each country it focuses on three key elements of organisational effectiveness - Leadership, Strategy and Influence.

During Forum One (January 2017) we worked with CARLIGH to 'create a climate for change' to help lift the vision and strengthen strategy.

As a result CARLIGH clarified its vision, purpose and mission....

...and came up with three strategic objectives using a memorable acronym linked to the sea-eagle - an animal that CARLIGH identified with in forum one because it had sharp vision, was strong and independent and could fly high!

During Forum Two the focus was on Engaging and Enabling - communicating the vision and strategy to ensure understanding and buy in; enabling the team (and others) to act on the vision and strategy by removing any barriers and focusing on (and celebrating) short term wins. This involved helping CARLIGH to articulate their 'brand story' and explore what it means to communicate effectively as a team and with others...

...and the digital sea eagle was born.
Practicing telling the CARLIGH story....by selling a mystery object
We used the Caplor House to explore how to blend the different skills, experience and perspectives each individual brings to a team...
Looked at what it would take to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
...and what it means to be a learning organisation seeking continual improvement
We came up with 5 Bold Steps as a guide for action
...worked together to inspire and enable...
...so that the CARLIGH family could motivate others towards a world where there is equal access to knowledge

Participant feedback over the two days was overwhelmingly positive with 100% of participants reporting that the workshop was relevant to the consortium (with 20 out of 21 participants stating that it was 'very relevant'), that both days would help strengthen strategy (with 20 out of 21 stating 'a lot') and that it contributed to personal learning and development (with 20 out of 21 stating 'a lot').

These are just some of the comments made by participants:

"I believe we are going to build a formidable consortium. This is because we have understood the principle of team work"
Specific highlights included "the idea of CARLIGH as a family"
"This workshop is going to help transform CARLIGH"
"It has been a wonderful session and if we can abide by our promise then the future for CARLIGH is very bright"
"It has caused a change in my perception of CARLIGH and how to be committed"

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