Abraham Lincoln By: Henry Jackson

Abe Lincoln was put in a very tough situation when becoming president given that the south split up from the union. Abe grew up in Kentucky and 2 siblings. He went into a law career when he was 22 but went into politics in 1847 as part of the House of Representatives.
The major source of controversy was the abolishing of slaves. Abe wanted to abolish slavery as a whole and the south didn't agree and split up from the union. He made the decision to start the Civil War and risk a lot of lives to do whats right for the country.
Abe dealt with hard times from a young age when his mother died when he was just 9 years old. Abe had a great bond with his mother and he had to be strong and fill the shoes of his lost mother. He showed responsibility by not letting that be an excuse for failure he used it as motivation and drive to become a better person.
I would try to unite republicans and democrats. I feel these are the two groups right now that have the most tension. I would make it happen by explaining how both party's can get along but it will take some patience from both sides of the party to agree on some differences. I would feel uncertain during this whole process because all of your moves are judged and sometimes criticized not for the greater good.


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