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App Journal 1

Question: In your app journal, make a list of five to ten apps you use regularly or have heard about that sound interesting. Think about each one. What made you download it in the first place? What need does it meet? ​Write down the problem you think each app solves. What is its purpose?

Messenger: I downloaded it because all of my friends use Facebook Chat as one of their main ways of communication. Here people can send messages, images, make internet phone and video calls, and play mini-games. The app mainly saves time to its user when sending a message and generates an acceptable environment for some users.

Facebook: I downloaded Facebook in order to know more about my friends, as well as for getting to know about some interesting news. Here people are able to massively communicate through public posts or private ones, they can keep up with news and events, what helps them not to forget about these appointments and be more secure.

Netflix: The reason I use this app is the need of visual entertainment in the form of TV series, documentaries, and movies. Its main function is to give their clients good entertainment through móviles phones, laptops, computers, and Smart TVs. They help these people not to waste more time searching through illegal websites on internet to get to the series or movie they would like to watch.

WhatsApp: I downloaded this app in order to send free and quicker messages than in messenger as most phone contracts include its free use. Whenever people are on the streets and need to send a message, by only having the other person's phone number, a text can be easily sent.

Snapchat: These app I mainly use it to send quick pictures or videos to my friends. Here, the user has the ability to send up to 10 seconds pictures and videos to their phone contacts or friends, either public or specific. The app helps people communicating in a more visual way were words aren´t indispensable.

App Journal 2

Activity 2

Question: Brainstorm as many ideas as you can for apps you want to make. It doesn’t have to be something new. You could have ideas about an app that already exists, but maybe you want to know how it works or how to make it better. Write down even the apps you think are impossible or just plain silly. The sky’s the limit.

- App with the ability to suggest useless pictures for them to be deleted.

- App that keeps your wardrobe and clothing record.

- App with the ability to predict and take note of your daily routines.

- App that can interact with pets such as dogs, cats, lizards, mice, and hamsters.

App Journal 3

Activity 3

Question: Take a look at 15 to 20 different apps on the App Store. Be sure to check out all the different categories, like Games, Education, and Kids. Read through the descriptions and look at the screenshots. Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

Enterteinment: Netflix, Claro Video, Blim, FOX

These apps are mainly directed to people who want to enjoy of a variety of movies, series, and documentaries. People who might want to download these apps are kids and families that like to spend time entertaining themselves with movies together at home. They clearly meet their needs.

Photography and Video: Paper Camera, Pic Collage, Instagram, B612

These apps where created for artistic people that appreciate editing and sharing pictures. People who like modifying and publishing their photos are the most likely to download any of them. All of them meet their standards with people.

News: Twitter, El Norte, CNN, El Universal

The news category apps where developed in order for curious people to know what's going on in the world while doing or being somewhere else but watching the actual TV news. Inquiring and questioning people are mostly susceptible to download these apps but still, anybody else who would like to know about the actual global status might. The apps meet their needs as what they provide are and need to be clear public statements.

Social Media: WhatsApp, Facebook, Snappchat

These apps are directed to almost all kind of people, from kids capable of reading to any adult with any profession. Social and curious people are the ones that might be likely to download these kind of apps in case of needing to pick a group from this vast range. The apps need their needs as all three of them are capable of generating a stable communication environment for people, as either through digital, visual, or audio messages.

App Journal 4

Activity 4

Question: Now go back to your list of favorite apps from your app journal for Lesson 1: Why Apps? Rank them in terms of their UI design. Which apps are easy to use and seem to “just work”? Write down the reasons that some apps are easier to use than others. Compare your notes with other students. Did ​you agree on the reasons?

Messenger: The app was mainly designed to chat via messages with friends and other people, still, you can sent messages by other means such as video and audio.

Facebook: Helps people share any kind of digital and morally correct information with friends or public. People can share this things again and comment or give them "likes".

Netflix: The app gives its users the ability to enjoy of movies, series, and documentaries from smart-phones, and smart-TVs.

WhatsApp: Helps people have contact a bit faster than messenger, the app has its same functions but its inclusion on phone plan contracts, gives it a better accessibility to people with smart-phones.

Snapchat: This app lets its users send visual messages to their contacts and added friends by either private message or publicly by their "history".

App Journal 5

Activity 5

Question: It’s time to go back to your app journal for Lesson 2: Idea Storm. Take a ​look at your “Idea Storm” list. Which ideas stand out to you now? This doesn’t mean you should cross off the ones that don’t. You may come back to these ideas one day with a different perspective. It’s also a list you’ll want to keep adding to.

For those standout ideas, what problem or purpose does each of them address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app?

App with the ability to suggest useless pictures for them to be deleted: The purpose of the app is to help its user not to fill all of its memory capacity with pictures by making eventual suggestions to delete some. It mainly solves the lazy problem that people have when it comes to get into an app for searching for people.

App with the ability to predict and take note of your daily routines: The purpose of the app is to assist people while choosing their daily clothes by telling them which of them him/her has already used in the week and in front of which people.

App Journal 6

Activity 6

Question: So far, you’ve been focusing on identifying problems that your app might solve. Now it’s time to turn some of those ideas into app statements, as in the example below. See if you can define your app in terms of the problem it will address. How exactly will your app fulfill its goal?

My app will: ________________(what will your app do?)

because: _________________(why does this need exist?)

My app will: suggest photos to be deleted

because: poeple use to fill their memory with unnecessary pictures. Persons with smartphones take about 10 pictures per day, the app will suggest some of these extra photos that have never been used and the user will decided to delete them or not.

My app wil: take note of daily routines

because: people usually forget what the have worn through the week as well as some other basic activities they do. If they want to remember quickly something, they could just enter the app an see.

App Journal 7

Activity 7

Activity/Gif link:

Question: Below are just a few of the basic features to get you started. In your app journal, brainstorm about how you might use these features and tools in your apps. Some ways might be obvious. But push yourself to think up ​some totally new applications. What haven’t you seen before?

Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Touchscreen

Accelerometer: With these gadget a new and innovative app that tells you the length, as with a ruler, of a certain space of movement can be created. The feature reveals movement and acceleration in a three dimensional space.

GPS: With this tool several geographical notice apps might be created. They could immediately give you the stories that happen near you.

Camera: Combined with the correct app, a camera could transform into a scanner of either text or codes.

Touchscreen: Almost every app uses of a touchscreen but an app that uses it to a higher potential might be one with the purpose to scan finger prints due to a 3-D touch implementation.

App Journal 8

Activity 8

Question: Think about the features and tools you learned about in Lesson 7: Feature Smashing and from the Apple Developer website. How many of those can you incorporate in your app and in how many different ways?

App: Kitchen Canvas

Camera: Pople could use it to take pictures of their prepared food results to share it with people, to add it to its instructions for a batter idea.

Touchscreen: Users will be able to move more freely through the app, selecting and exploring with this.

GPS: The app will have the ability to use this to proportion people some information about gastronomy of the country.

App Journal 9

Activity 9

Question: For each of your app ideas, identify the top three competitors on the App Store. If you can, download the app to check it out. Pay attention to how easy it is to use. Can you suggest any improvements to the user interface? How could it be designed better?

If there are any user reviews on the App Store, be sure to read those carefully, too. What are people finding difficult about the app? What else ​do they wish it could do? Where are people getting confused? Make note of these comments in your app journal. How would your app address each of these concerns?

Top three competitors: Cookpad, Yum, and Kitchen Stories.

After reading some of their reviews, some people fin difficult to communicate among them instead of sharing, with an exception of Cookpad (no constructive comments were find here). In our app, a chat for users might be good for them to also be able to share other ideas that cannot be shared by a post. Privacy among recipes is important for some users.

App Journal 10

Activity 10

Question: Write down a few design principles that will be important for your app. You’ll want to refer back to these principles throughout the development process, as they’ll help you stay on track and be consistent in your design.

Clarity: Instructions should be clear and able to make anyone who can read capable of understanding what their are doing.

Feedback: People's comments would help the app to improve according to the users' preferences. A good app is forced to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers.

Consistency: People usually get more involved and focused with familiar terms and standard signs than with new and confusing codes. Knife, apple, carrot, and cake symbols might seem better to identify whenever you might wants to cook fruit or vegetable salads or desserts.

App Journal 11

Activity 11

Question: Take yourself on an app hunt. Your goal is to find an app that demonstrates each of the following best practices for designing apps: An appealing icon, get right into the action.

Appealing icon: Google Chrome's app icon is a representative and good example. Even though the icon seems very simple, it has the main colors of the company. Most people like curves in apps and might quickly relate the colors yellow, green, red, and blue with the explorer.

Get right into action: Every phone's camera could be a great example of this. The moment you enter the app, it will respond to its main function (taking pictures) and no add nor advice will come out, unless you run out of storage.

App Journal 12

Question: In your app journal, write or sketch at least three views of what your app’s interface might look like. In particular, think about what happens in the first 10 seconds after a new user opens your app.

1. When the user opens the app, the first thing he/she would probably see is a brief introduction add that indicates all of the tab and buttons uses at once. There would be probably three main buttons: the menu option, the google account register, and the help option.

2. Some of the main colors shown would be light derivates of colors such as orange, purple, green and red; trying to stay with a relaxing environment for the user. The main organization would be the first page, showing at the top your favorite recipes and creations, followed by the most popular ones.

3. Tabs would appear at the top of the main view and on the left some other general buttons (settings, region, news, linked accounts, etc) will be displayed whenever the user clicks touches the menu option. The bars for the options would probably be orange and the rest white.

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