THE HARN MUSEUM Victoria ford

There was a face mask from the Dan people on display made of wood, metals and fiber. It was three dimensional so a picture simply doesn't do the mask justice. It was a little frightening to look at it. The materials created an interesting texture and composition. Although it was a mask it looked and felt like the mask itself was watching you. This strong unsettling feeling that I felt just from looking at this piece was striking. I was so intrigued by it.

20th Century Dan People Face Mask

The design of the photography exhibit was my personal favorite. It began with a large white arch and you could immediately see a photograph of Frida Kahlo that is rich in color. The clean white walls and coulombs provide a clean modern feel and draw attention to the art. The lighting also directed your attention to the art and highlighted the pieces in a very flattering way.

Photography exhibit at the Harn

This was a drawing that was very simple in composition but spoke deeply to me. I think that this drawing represented femininity. I looked at this piece and saw the simple yet power of the female spirit. I also am a huge fan of simple but unique portraits. My femininity is a core part of my identity. I take a lot of pride in being a women and this picture brought those feelings to the surface. Nadia's side profile to me is very beautiful. It helps me remember that there is something inherently beautiful about being a women and we should cherish this.

Henri Matisse's "Nadia in Sharp Profile" drawing

This photo of these three girls holding hands in Brazil was a striking image in my opinion. The intensity of each girls face and the unity they convey by holding hands is moving. Salgado, the photographer is well known for his images highlighting social issues and human rights topics. These three girls come from a poor region of Brazil. I thought this photo was such a good symbol for our journey to the good life. Looking at these girls it is as if you can see that they have endured hardships and overcome obstacles. They however hold hands solemnly. I think this represents a fight to achieve the good life by relying on the love of those around you. If we are not alone in our obstacles and keep each other strong we are more resilient and will be successful in achieving the good life.

Sebastiao Salgado's "Three girls holding hands" photograph


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