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Goodbye February. Hello March. What wonderful weather God has been blessing us with. As I looked at my trusty (well, sort of) weather app this morning I could see those temperatures soaring into the baking hot 50's and there was even a 61 in there. It's that time of year when even the snowbirds are excited to see things turn green soon.

Last month the elders met in Bismarck and spent time praying, confessing, communing, visioneering, and eating. It was a very blessed time together as we talked about more detailed pastoral transition plans. But "missional" was the word of the day. After discussing and brainstorming we are excited to dive head first into the rest of the year and begin "doing" rather than just talking about and/or teaching missional. So be on the lookout throughout the year for opportunities presented for us to join God in his work together, as a family.

- Pastor Rob

How 'bout that stage!

The stage update is underway and will be completed possibly before some of you will read this. What a blessing. Walking into the sanctuary this past Sunday you were likely met with the pleasing aroma of cut wood. Mmm. Well, stay tuned. This week it'll probably smell a bit like someone has been painting.

Maybe that's not your cup of tea? No problem at all. You can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from the new coffee maker! Okay, so the coffee may not be much different. But the coffee team is feeling blessed to have something that will make it much easier for them.

The point is... God is good!

Opportunities in March

Saturday, March 7th there is a group of folks meeting in the fellowship hall to make bandages and baby items to aid struggling people in Cameroon. These items are much better quality than what they have there and are appreciated. The folks on the front lines in Cameroon get to help people and share Jesus with them because of these items. So, don't miss out! Show up any time between 10 AM to 4 PM.

Let's do a good job this month at welcoming guests when they come. I know you're excited to see them. Now let's make sure we're letting them know that. Get to know someone you don't. take someone to lunch you don't really know. If we truly want to see people come, stay, be discipled, and make disciples, then it might just begin by letting them know we're glad to see them!

Sunday, March 22nd at 6 PM Robert Walter will be here from Chosen People Ministries. He's going to lead us through a presentation of Messiah in the Passover! 😊 And guess what, because it's in the evening, you can invite all your pals from other churches to come and join us that evening for a special time of worship!

Sunday, March 8th will be the first ever Meet & Greet specifically directed toward new folks. Here we'll walk them through a brief "who we are" introduction and hopefully get to know some of them as well. This will take place in the lobby after the regular worship gathering. So, if you know any people who are new to Hillside or if you see someone who's new Sunday. Let them know this is going on and that we'd love to see them there. We'll have refreshments and conversation waiting for them!

As always, if you've not become a part of a Missional Community for discipleship and to run head first into loving one another and loving Dickinson with the love of Jesus, then do so immediately. Okay, that was a bit forceful. But, seriously, you should join. 😉

If you have recently been on mission, seen God at work, or been blessed by someone else on mission, let us know. We believe there's already a lot of "missional" happening that we're just not capturing and celebrating. And we should definitely be celebrating as we all learn more and more to be the Church Monday-Saturday!

Don't miss out

As always, if you're missing a week, don't miss out on our walk through the Sermon on the Mount. You can catch up by clicking the button below.

The bottom line? Here's your task for March. Straight from the mouth of Jesus.


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