How are you being targeted? How commercials persuade.

Commercials use the idea of self image in order to persuade their audience to buy a product. Commercials want to make you feel something when you see their product, they want to make you feel that you need their product in order to fit in  your social groups, as well as to define the person that you are.

Commercials don't just sell a product, they sell your IMAGE.

What image is apple trying to give you?

So how do commercials actually use the idea of self image to make people want to buy a product?

Testimonials and Endorsments

Commercials LOVE to use celebrities in their advertising campaigns. Celebrities are used as huge selling points for so many teens in the US. They make us think, "if its good enough for them, then its good enough for me".

Sense Appeal

Commercial Advertisers love to use images, sounds, as well as colors that will attract the eye, or may even create an emotion.

Think about the apple commercial again...


Pathos is one of the most effective forms of persuasion that commercials use. Pathos is the "quality that evokes pity or sadness". TV advertisements love to use this in ways that they can earn money, or sell a product.


Commercials LOVE to use logos in trying to sell a product. The main job for an advertisement is to sell you on why you should buy their product because it is the logical choice...


Ethos is used in commercials to make an audience choose between what they believe is right or wrong based on their ethics. The way this is done is by representing an issue in politics, or a pressing modern argument, and presenting it in a way that it will cause people to agree with the company.

How do you define yourselves?

Through these methods, commercials have a way to affect a persons beliefs, logic, feelings, and senses. In a study shown by Black Ink, it shows that companies that increased their advertising, they also increased their sales by at least 10%.


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