Animals that can fly a project of the class "nebenan"

At the beginning we thought about "flying". After that, we included themed topics. In a runoff we decided between the themes "flying superheroes" and "animals that can fly".

Since the students wanted to work with different animals, we created in a MindMap possible questions that can be answered to an animal that can fly.

Afterwards we searched for ideas, which product we can create with the found information. The choice fell on the design of lapbooks.

Then the search could begin:

After saving the information and images, it was time to develop ideas for the lapbooks. In order to let creativity flow, the children were completely free to design.

In order to implement ideas, implementation options were discussed individually. The goal in the field of media literacy was to create textfields in the writing program "word" in such a way that the information can be read well in the Lapbook.

Now we could start crafting.

These are our results:

At the end of the week we presented our results in the children's conference to the other classes.

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