Native American project MElanie Salgado 2A

My problems that the Whites made are : They didn't give me Citizenship , they took away my tribes, and they created violence and fear.

The American's killed many of my people with diseases and most of us were killed and sent away to reservations. My problem is that there was treaties and laws made to protect me but the Americans instead took everything away and took my culture away everything i believe in gone.

One of the laws to help me was the Dawes Act, It was a law that gave me land, but in order for me to become a citizen i had to leave my tribe and i had to live on reservations. That weren't really mine, I had to go to school to make me more civil because i was an animal that couldn't be tamed.

Another solution made was for me to adapt to the lifestyle Americans had. Americans had a different view on property rights and they had patriarchal cultures. The differences in Cultures established tension violence and social disruption. After living with the Americans/Europeans for a while they brought over they're diseases Small pox which caused us a lot of fatalities.

A treaty made to protect some of us was made in 1781. Between the United States and the Cherokees, it was also made to protect the Indians and Indian land. It was called the Treaty of Holston and it promised and vowed this : If any non- Indian settle on any of the Cherokees land they will not receive protection from the Untied States and the Cherokees may punish him or not as they please.

Treaty of Holston

My solution for my people is, the whites should understand that i am a person like them i came here made land. I made a life for myself i made a family a tradition for myself. I want a law that protects my rights as well as theirs.

Another solution made is a treaty for peace , in which i respect the Americans and they respect me. We share the land all the hunting grounds, the ones i own i let them hunt on. And the diseases they brought everyone who, is infected with a disease or has some sort of disease they be sent away until cured so that not everyone gets infected and die. And we don't kill people no eye for eye, we just take it in peace and we have meetings about what to do to people who don't obey this treaty.

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Melanie Salgado


Created with images by Fæ - "Havasupai Indian woman basket maker, ca.1900 (CHS-3385)" • engvall - "sense left lust" • Boston Public Library - "A society of patriotic ladies, at Edenton in North Carolina"

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