Cassius Cantilius for Emperor, 616 Elect a Friend, Not a Ruler

By Jack Varcoe, Justin Krebs, Zach Betron

Roman Political System:

For Cassius Cantilius’ political system, he will change nothing, and keep the Roman political system. The Roman Civilization includes the Twelve Tables, a set of laws everyone must follow. It also includes the Creation of Tribunes, who could veto any law that was unfair to the lower class of society, the Plebians. This system of checks and balances ensured that the government did not become corrupt and unfair. It prevented revolts in Rome, and even countries that they conquered accepted the Romans policies. They prefered the balanced government of the Romans to their often corrupt and unstable governments.

Athenian Economy:

For Cassius Cantilius’ economic system, he plans on basing it on the morals of the Athenian Civilization. Located in Athens, Greece, this civilization is the birthplace of democracy. Many advances have already been made such as literature, philosophy, and a strong central democratic government. This economic system is based on trade. They have a strong trading economy because they trade with other city-states and some foreign lands to get the goods and resources they need, instead of creating it themselves.

Muslim Social System:

For Rome’s new social system, Cassius Cantilius will take a sampling of the Muslim ways that helped ran their society. One important feature that is vital to many civilizations is the treatment of conquered people. In the civilization run by Islam, the people were very kind and generous to the people whom they conquered. One way that they did this was allowing the people to continue their faiths. This led many non-Muslims to want to convert to Muslim due to their generous beliefs. The people in the Fertile Crescent also welcomed the Arabs as liberators from harsh Byzantine and Persian rule. This allowed them to easily be absorbed into the new empire. In addition to the treatment of the conquered, a belief system should help shape a society in a very certain way. In terms of the Muslim society, it was shaped perfectly by the beliefs of Islam. One major benefit of Islam was that it formed unity and thus yielded less internal conflict. Islam brought formerly opposing tribes together and united many assorted cultures to give the society a more rich and diverse singular culture. However, quite possibly the most impactful component of the society was the deep thought and organization of social classes. To start, the Qur'an emphasized equality in all believers, saying that there is a relationship between every man and his creator, and there can be no intermediaries. There were four main social classes: those who were Muslims at birth; converts to Islam; “the protected people,” who were Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians; and slaves. The people enjoyed an extremely high degree of social mobility, and because of this, they were motivated to achieve at great lengths in order to improve or maintain their current social status. This was fantastic for the civilization, because there were many great achievements as a result. Although slavery was common for them, Muslims could not be enslaved. However, although slavery was still present in their communities, it didn’t mean that they had to have it. In fact, many Muslims encouraged the freeing of slaves. A slave could buy back their freedom and sometimes even got help from considerate donations from the government. Also, if a slave converted to Muslim, then their children would be born as free citizens. All in all, the social system of the Muslims was very important and perfectly balanced. It was largely ruled by religion, allowed conquered people to be treated fairly, and coordinated social classes very nicely. When Cassius Cantilius becomes your next Roman emperor, not only will he follow the ideals of the Muslim society, but he will go above and beyond and expand upon the already extraordinary benefits that would come along with it. The sky is truly the limit.

Concluding Speech - Cassius Cantilius for Emperor, 616:

When you elect Cassius Cantilius for your next emperor of Rome, you will be not only getting a true friend as your leader, but a guide to extensive future achievements with his extremely calculated plan to use a mixture of Roman, Athenian, and Muslim ways. This blend of different ideas not only brings diversity to our government, but to our society as a whole. The great blend of these cultures will bring uniqueness and perfection. By bringing the the best qualities of each civilization into our new system, Rome will create another Golden Age, and create harmony between the three societies’ political, economic, and social system. With the political system, Cantilius will use that of the prior Romans. They had the Twelve Tables and many new innovations in their government. Some may argue that we should use the political system of the Athenians rather than the Romans because of their idea of democracy. However, their democracy was flawed. The system was very time-consuming, with a large number of citizens taking part in day-to-day affairs and hundreds of jurors per trial. Also, politics has to do with the expansion of power. The Roman empire grew much larger and much faster than the Athens did. In fact, the influence of Athens were largely confined to just their city-state or Greece itself prior to the time before Alexander rose to power in Mesopotamia. They were much less effective at expanding than Rome was, and it’s why Cantilius has chosen this civilization for its social system. For the economic system however, he did choose Athens. This is because of its economy that is largely based upon trade. It is one of the most impactful methods to increase wealth and power for the empire and the individuals within it. By travelling to and trading with foreign lands, we can expand our cultural diversity and grow our economy. Finally, the new society will be modeled after the Muslims’ society. The conquered people were treated very admirably there, and they were included into the empire successfully. The belief system of Islam shaped society in a proper manner, with the way that it is influenced the people in the civilization to do great things. The social classes are laid out very orderly, and this helped motivate people to improve upon their social rank, which they were able to do with the high degree of social mobility. In all, Cassius Cantilius has handpicked the best qualities of each individual civilization and assembled them into the ideal platform to strengthen the future of Rome. With him as your future emperor, you will see an astonishing change from this currently dismal Rome. Elect a friend, not a ruler. Vote Cassius Cantilius for your next emperor.

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