The Great Gatsby Character Chart

Character ConnectionS

Nick & Gatsby

Property Owner--> Tenant; later evolves into a buisness friendship within the chapters

Nick, Tom, Daisy, & Jordan

Tom a college friend of Nick's, Daisy is his distant cousin and Jordan a friend of the married couple who becomes a potential lover of Nicks

Nick & Jordan

A blossoming love

Daisy & Gatsby & Myrtle & Tom

Daisy & Tom & his mistress Myrtle
Tom's affair leads Daisy into Gatsby's arms.

Nick Carraway

Nick is our narrator from the Midwest with a background of family businesses making him old money. Although he's old money, he can easily fit in with new money as he's trying to start his own bond buisness in West Egg.
Personal Quote: "The Carraways are something of a clan, and we have a tradition that we're descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch, but the actual founder of my line was my grandfather's brother, who came here in fifty-one, sent a substitute to the Civil War, and started the wholesale hardware business that my father carries on to-day"(5). Explanation: Nick contradicts the illusion that his family comes from nobility & instead makes himself into a family that actually has achieved the American Dream of wealth and respectability through hard work.

Color: brown- "I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known"(59).

Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan is an arrogant yet rich man married to his wife Daisy Buchanan as both are old money.
Personal Quote: "Two shining arrogant eyes had established dominance over his face" (7). Explaination: Tom is a racist and sexist bully filled with wealth and obnoxiousness.

Color: Red- "Their house was even more elaborate than I expected, a cheerful red and white Georgian Colonial mansion overlooking the bay"(9).

Daisy Buchanan

Daisy is the wife of Tom and is rather indecisive. She is old money and the distant cousin of our narrator nick.
Personal Quote: "And I hope she'll be a fool—that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool" (17). Explaination: Daisy shows a lot about herself in this quote, she says this about her daughter because in reality Daisy really wish she was born without a clue.

Color: Gold- "and if you wants to take down any addresses here's my little gold pencil..."(105).

Jordan Baker

Jordan is a nosy, clumsy, and judgemental young woman and also a pro-Tennis player. In the chapters, Jordan begins to contradict herself more and more.
Personal Quote: "And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy" (50). Explaination: Jordan's vibrant personality is shown.

Color: White- "our white girlhood was passed together there"(19).

Jay Gatsby

Gatsby is new money and chooses to flaunt his wealth, as the chapters go on we meet Gatsby's true self.
Personal Quote: "I think he hardly knew what he was saying, for when I asked him what business he was in he answered, "That's my affair," before he realized that it wasn't the appropriate reply"(90). Explaination: Gatsby isn't an honest man but compared to most people in the story he's quite truthful.

Color: Green- "Now it was again a green light on a dock. His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one" (93).

Myrtle Wilson

Myrtle it a married woman and Tom Buchanan's mistress. Myrtle is quite dumb and hopeless.
Personal Quote: "But there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her-"(25). Explaination: She wasn't pretty but there was something about her that caught your attention.

Color: Black- "A black silk bow for mothers grave that'll last all summer"

George Wilson

George is a pitiful and poor man who is easily pushed over by everyone. He is naive and dumb for not noticing his wife Myrtle is having an affair.
Personal Quote: "He was a blonde, spiritless man, anaemic, and faintly handsome. When he saw us a damp gleam of hope sprang into his light blue eyes" (25). Explaination: George is just a plain naive man.

Color: grey- " "I don't mean that," explained Wilson quickly. "I just meant-"(25).

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