The 5th Wave "WHO's Who"

Cassie was a normal girl. She went to school, went home, and did what any teenage girl did. She had a crush, just a small one, on a kid named Ben and that's the way she thought things would stay for a while, until they came.

The lights went out and everything containing energy died. People started to move and chaos was within them. They didn't know what was coming and they weren't ready for it, either.

No one knew that what was about to happen next would be a lie. Convinced, they found hope but only for it to be taken away from them.

Families were torn apart and happiness was nothing but a memory. The world was lost and confused but Cassie kept her courage.

All alone after her world was turned upside down, she had no one but herself and hopes of one day having her brother by her side again. She only longed to find him and was willing to kill whoever or whatever got in her way.

Shortly after, her first act of bravery and determination was revealed when the life of a man was taken, not because of doubt but fear.

Surrounded with nothing but trees, bodies, and blood, Cassie is everything but alone when least expected. Except for one person, her only hope of being one step closer to her sibling.

His teddy bear, her only memory. Evan, her only encouragement. Two people against the others. The others in search of survivors. All fighting for one thing, earth.

Sammy, no where to be found by Cassie. Trusting those who say fight for their country. Learning to kill but still so innocent, awaiting the day his sister finds him.

Told that the headset lights up when the others are around, into war they went, killing everyone they saw light up green. Only to find out the lies behind it all. This whole time, thinking they were helping out human kind.

Cassie, leaving Evan to find her brother, seeking to keep her promise, ran through the halls of the old, wore out military base. She finds herself hearing the once familiar voice. Many of them, in fact. She lets her senses guide her way.

Suspense is built up as Cassie is read running and turning corners. To everyone's surprise, she runs face to face to the guy, that for her was dead, Ben Parish. Not only Ben but holding on to his hands was Sammy, her only reason for living.

The end of the book is a cliffhanger. There's many unanswered questions and events unsolved. Sammie and Cassie are reunited but that's just one of the things Cassie has checked off her list.

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