Artificial Intelligence (AI) By: Jacob Steinhilber

Initial Understanding of AI: Initially I thought a majority of AI was science fiction. I knew people had developed AI units, but I didn't realize that they were so advanced.

Understanding of AI after project: I now realize that AI units we (hummanity) have already developed are so advanced that they can almost flawlessly predict the weather and can perform a variety of tasks, while having an almost human appearance to them.

How do the synths have free will?

The show "Humans" is highly fictional, one aspect of the show that shows how fictional the show is the fact that the synths have free will. It would be impossible for an AI unit to have free will from a religious, philosophical, and scientific veiwpoint. As religion defines free will as a gift given solely to sentient biological organisms. Philosophy also veiws free will as a gift found only in setient and/or self aware organisms. Science veiws free will as either survival instinct and/or spontaneousness, which AI lack both.

A typical day with AI in my life would start with my AI unit waking me up at a pre-set time with breakfast ready on the table and my book bag packed up. After I finish eating my breakfast, the AI will carry me to school. At school I will procede to dictate my work to the AI unit. After school the AI unit will carry me home where I procede to dictate my homework to the AI unit, afterwards the AI unit will cook my dinner. I go to bed and the next day the whole process starts over again.

My AI Unit
  • Android Bill of Rights/Restrictions:
  • Androids cannot be prosecuted for crimes. (As AI units do not control itself due to lack of free will.)
  • Whoever commands an AI unit to commit a crime must be prosecuted for the crime. (As AI units do not control itself due to lack of free will.)
  • It is a crime to hack into AI unit. (As hacker could command AI to perform actions not commanded by the owner).
  • It is not a crime to destroy an AI unit you own. (As they are mechanical property that do not feel pain or have emotions).
  • It is a crime to destroy an AI unit you do not own, unless the unit was posing a hazard to yourself or someone else. (As it is not your property).
  • If a AI unit malfunctions in a violent way due to a irreversible glitch or irreversible hack the AI unit must be destroyed and/or decommissioned. (Due to the fact that the AI unit could damage someone or their property without anyone controlling it or a unknown person controlling it).

Top 10 reasons for AI:

  1. AI units could perform tasks considered to dangerous for humans.
  2. AI units could be a big help for those with disabilities.
  3. The AI assembly and manufacture businesses will create a lot of jobs.
  4. The AI service and repair business will create a lot of jobs.
  5. AI Units save time for a lot of people, by doing work faster and more efficient.
  6. The cost of an AI unit would cheaper in the long run than a mothly salary for an average worker.
  7. AI can go into areas that humans can't go to (or can't go to without difficulty) such as Mars and other celestial bodies, thus AI gives us greater exploration and research potential.
  8. AI can be used in dangerous situations (such as bomb disposal) that otherwise could result in loss of human life.
  9. AI does not have emotion capabilities thus do not get pressured or stressed and can complete more work under less time than a human.
  10. AI units would be more efficient at performing certain jobs and task than biological workers because they would not require breaks such as bathroom breaks or lunch breaks thus completing jobs quicker.

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