German Shepherds From Yadiel

The German Sheppard were bred for the good Inc. stinks of protecting people that's why they called sherppareds.
You thought that German Shepherds are only black and brown but some German Shepherds look like huskies where bred for the great assistance to cold places.
Isn't that just cute.
Some German Shepherd's have lots of hair and are only brown
Some German shepherds have a lot of hare and are only black.
German shepherd are considered guard dogs
Some German shepherds are not friendly.
German shepherd look and act like huskies
Some German Shepherd's look like theses so cute.
That looks like a five week year old German Shepherd
That looks funny.
While some German Shepherd's train they also need to rest.
Some German Shepherds have lots of hair
German Shepherd's can be easily trained German shepherd can retrieve stuff and gives it to the owner.
Save German shepherds some are homeless
German shepherd also celebrate holidays yay!
German Shepherds Love you you and we love them.


Created with images by rhett maxwell - "hannah" • Just chaos - "German Shepard" • Rennett Stowe - "German Shepherd" • wpaczocha - "puppy german shepherd tiny" • peterwilliams - "german shepherd dog" • armigeress - "Kane in Foliage" • brigittewitt2 - "animal dog sled dog hybrid" • skeeze - "working dog military growling" • Al0eVera - "australian shepherd dog snow" • Nana-ne - "german shepherd dog gsd german shepherd" • joebeone - "Chopper 9-1993 (3)" • Jimmy Benson - "German Upsidedown" • tr19001 - "dog shepherd german shepherd" • Skullman - "dog german shepherd tired" • IngridS - "german shepherd bitch gray-shaded" • RobPJKeating - "Dora the German Shepherd Puppy" • SamTheShepherd88 - "PB110027" • jutuzga - "untitled image"

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