Viking gods & goddesses Viking religion

The Vikings were pagans, they didn't believe in the Christian religion and practiced their own religion instead.

Freyja is a goddess who became an honorary part of the Aesir Gods after the Aesir-Vanir war, which explains why she is known as the Goddess of war. She is also the goddess for her fondness of beauty, fertility, love, and possession of fine materials.

Thor is known as the god of thunder or the thunderer. Thor is considered to be the protector of Midgard and carries the mighty hammer, which causes lightning and thunder, which also explains why he is known as the thunderer. He is the most rugged, powerful and is very faithful to Aesir although he does like to play by his own rules.

Freyr is a God of the Vanir tribe of dieties. He is also an honorary member of the Aesir tribe. He is known for his wide passion for Norse and Germanic people. He is the brother of Freyja, the god of war, beauty and love.

This is frigga, she is the goddess of love, marriage, destiny and fertility (also known as frigg). She was married to the powerful God Odin. She is also thought to be the sky goddess, responsible for creating the look of the clouds, sunshine and rain (natures fate).

Odin had a desire for knowledge and wisdom. Odin would go to great lengths for his desires, such as sacrificing an eye to get to drink from the well of knowledge. Odin was believed, by some, to be the father of Thor, the thunderer and was the husband of frigg, the goddess of marriage and destiny.

A Viking Age mold discovered in Denmark that is considered to be both cross and hammer pendants.

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