Contemporary Art of San Diego America Gutierrez

San Diego Contemporary of Arts perfectly portrayed the imbalance between order and disorder.
This mixed media piece was by far my favorite. The way it was disastrously put together, strangely gave me a sense of peace and inspired me to realize that art can be as messy as it desires and still be meaningful. The base of this artwork is filled with old ripped up newspapers and papers, then covered in paint, and many household and outside items.
These three photos were captured in Syria to emphasize how destructive order and disorder is to the world. My heart truly hurt while I stood in front of these and analyzed them, especially with the tragedy that occurred over this weekend with the gas attack. I think the attack is a perfect example of this concept. Russia was supposed to rid of all toxic gases and keep order over Syria, but obviously that was not done. The United States then decided to step in to create order, which caused an even bigger issue between Russia, the United States and now even North Korea.
This piece fascinated me by the way it was made with only wire, and the way it created the shadows and depth that it did. The message "introspection can be painful," was kinda an eye opener and also very relatable. I think many of us ignore this process and don't take the time to look into our mental health and what we can do to aid it. So much order can created a disorder. This piece was also made by an upcoming artist which really impressed me.
I've seen art similar to this piece before, but never in person so I was extremely amazed by the way each part worked with each other to created what seemed like an explosion of roses. My interest was really caught by the contradictions of colors, with a black canvas, that helped emphasize the red and white colors. It's so destructive, yet such a masterpiece.
This piece was a little creepy, but so simple and interesting. The artist created this piece with shredded newspaper, construction paper and marker. It was astonishing to see how creative some artist could get with the most basic items. This piece was also made by an upcoming artist.
Walking through this museum and seeing a variety of artwork and creativity, really brought meaning back to these many quotes that were posted throughout the museum. I think their efforts to emphasize how much these two concepts relate was interesting and definitely a learning experience.

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