8TH GRADE 4th Quarter Art Show - Ridgely Middle School

All 8th grade students were provided an opportunity to act as curators to select their favorite artwork from the 2020-2021 school year to submit to this art show! We are so proud of the dedication and resilience our students have shown throughout this unique school year! Below you will see the amazing artwork from our 8th grade students!

Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Vandana M., Helia H., Eduardo G., Isebella T., Andrew T., Patrick L., Wade D., Preston C., Kenji I., Jordan W.
"My narrative artwork is titled Dragon Breath which originated from a dream. My artwork depicts a close-up of a dragon, and another one farther back, making it a total of two. Being in the clouds, they sore through the air, playing/teasing one another. These dragons are responsible for creating the clouds humans see on Earth. However, they still have time for fun! I created my artwork by using various materials such as watercolor paint/pencils and dabbing on the paper, creating a cloud -like texture. I've never used these materials as I tend to stick with familiarity, being normal colored pencils. I used more or less pressure depending on where I wanted shadows to be, which created depth. I chose to tell this specific story as dragons are my favorite fictional animal, as they have a powerful yet free reputation. This is something I would like to symbolize in my life, regardless of others’ opinions or possible obstacles in the way. The mood that I would like the audience when viewing my artwork includes a sense of freedom and pride. With quarantine, we've been stuck inside, constantly adapting to unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable things. With this, people may have forgotten what it's like to be themselves, as the distance between us has affected our mindset. As long as one is determined, they are able to achieve whatever they desire, may this be a reminder of that. Throughout this narrative unit, I feel I have improved the most on shading and blending, as I used cool tones to create the clouds. The pressure used helped the work appear more realistic, which has been a goal of mine from the start. Discovering and alternating materials has broadened my knowledge within the artistic realm." - Hailey F., 8th grade artist
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Aidan A., Ava M., Andrew S., Izzie G., Maxine Y., Maya H., Sarah T., Lizzie C., Zoe G., Ryan W.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Charlotte P., Gabriel S., Polina K., Chloe S., Natalie P., Aidan A., Stella V., Jason B., Dean S., Spencer B.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Malinda A., Ryan D., Jonah D., Josh F., Izzie G., Elizabeth H., Maya H., Ashley J., Annabel K., Nathan W.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Polina K., Zach L., Becca M., Rizwan T-L., Sarah T., Alex X., Jason B., Lizzie C., Piper C., Gabe D., Aidan L., Brody H.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Justin K., Ava M., Max M., Natalie P., Nick R., Sam S., Andrew S., Zach S., Ethan S., Daniel S., Leah R., Ryan F., Manny H., Will C.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Hailey F.,  Eric W., Hunter W., Izzie G., Leah R., Lizzie C., Maya H., Polina K., Ameen M-Z., Sarah T.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Sofia L., Mady K., Justin J., Jenna C., Aditi D., Cole S., Claire Y., Julia L., Anja R., Ella K., Sam K., Caroline R., Carter H., Nolan D., Lily M., Alex M., Saara K.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Alex D., Chloe H., David B., Hudson L., Vivian R., Seamus C., Nina P., Grady P., Lucy S., Seamus C., Bridgett M., Chelsea L., Emily N., Juliette H., Julia L.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Claire Y., Cam B., Agnes L., Chelsea L., Anja R., Chloe D., Emma C., Saara K., Zane B., Lilly M.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Riley M., Kayden M., Sean G., Emma L., Yuki C., Nitara S., Phoebe R., Akshai A., Abigail S., Decker B., Lea M.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): August S., Elijah F., Laura E., Minki O., Victoria C., Joshua N., Kitanna E. Marcelo C. Brooke H. Devin D., Devin L.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Albert L., Patrick M., Margaret M., Adam Z., Ben F., Maria B., Reis M., Lucas H., Timothy B., Alex F., Mikaila W., Lin N.
Artists (top to bottom, left to right): Em B., Cameron H., Grace C., Mikey S., Andrew T., Paige T., Ciaran M., Mason F., Ethan G., Jack G., Robin U., Ariana D., Faith Z.