A destination for meetings, shoots, workshops and events. Right in the heart of Amsterdam, on Rembrandtplein, this 250m2 city loft is carefully designed and curated by TANK. Scroll down to see our spaces.


170 m2 // 35 pers (more possible on request)

The spacious living with its high industrial ceilings, comes with two stylish lounge areas. A five meter long bar and robust table provide space for sit-down meetings or dinners. The doors facing Rembrandt Square open to a wide balcony, allowing for an incredible view, pleasant breeze, and merging city sounds. With its eye-popping daylight, exposed brickwork dipped in a warm grey and open floor plan, this is the perfect canvas for your event.

From €650,-


46 m2 // 12 pers

Multi-purpose space designed for meetings with a clear and fruitful outcome. Large windows soak the room in natural light, and offer a panoramic view of Rembrandtplein. The front of the room is dipped in deep green, which gives this space its theater feel, ideal for presentations, shoots and screenings. The 4,5 meter long table and overhanging lamp are designed by TANK.

From €550,-


29 m2 // 10 pers

This playful space in blue and wood shades, offers an environment for creative sessions, intimate business meetings or as effective breakout space during bigger events. It features an elegant table tennis table and various old Dutch games.

From €450,-



TANK Station is managed by location agency OUT AND ABOUT. Drop us a line on booking@outandabout.nl or just stop by at TANK Station on Rembrandtplein 17-II in Amsterdam for a coffee. We are situated above De Kroon (same entrance).

The floor plan below shows the basic layout, but our spaces are flexible and can be used in different setups. We can shift the furniture according to your likes. Mail us and we'll think along! Upon request, delicious and wholesome catering is also possible to make your event complete.


TANK Station is designed and owned by TANK Amsterdam. With our family of outer- and inner spacemakers, we amended the boundaries of the working environment, from solid desks to a connective experience where social transactions are fuelled and inspiration can flow freely. Here our TANKs are being filled with energy to battle, play, connect and create.



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