Aktiveight DJ/Music Producer

Aktiveight Productions LLC will create opportunity in the growing market of the music industry by Producing high quality sounds and create memorable events with their DJ Experiences. (Aktiveight.com)

[Name: Nathaniel Rodriguez] [Age: 21] [Born: March 15, 1997] [Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States] [Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States]

Genre: Electronic/Dance, Hip Hop

“I believe that new and underground artists have lost their connection between each other and refuse to collaborate unless it's with someone that has more followers than them. I want bring back that connection by collaborating with those talented artists and make great music! Why? Because I believe that is the key to success! The internet is a very powerful tool to use when you are a music artist. Not only you can showcase your music to the world, but you can also connect with other amazing artists that make the same music as you and you can work on a project together. Every music artist should take advantage of that.” - Aktiveight

BIOGRAPHY: Nathaniel James Rodriguez (also known as Aktiveight) is a 21 year old American Electronic DJ and Music Producer who pioneers the term "hybrid producer" His first album "The Corporation. I" debuted on March 17, 2017. A compilation album that features artists from multiple genres that want to make a namr for themselves. Rodriguez believes that collaboration is the key for success in the music industry. He believes that music artists can expand their knowlege of music composition through collaboration, especially with artists from other genres.

"he has claimed his spot as one to keep an eye out for in the future." (Keith Warren - We Rave You 2018)
"Aktiveight has without a doubt been making waves in the scene." (Brandon Chitwood - EDM Joy 2018)

Awards: PHL LIVE Centerstage 2017 People's Choice Winner

Contact Email: Aktiveight@gmail.com Social Media Handles: @aktiveight Website: www.aktiveight.com

Photography by: Brittany Cook, iRadioPhilly

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Nate Rodriguez



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