Social Studies Pages 377-396

Someone Side,"lovely pic. bro" Kail side,"Case I made it."

Landforms and bodies of water

Water ways

To day we are going to see Southern Africa. Did you know that it has water there.( Of cores you did cause the majority of you are not major idiot.) Well some major ones are called Zambezi, Limpopo, and the Orange river.


The land of Southern Africa is more cliff face/Montana, deserter, land lock, thing...I now it confusing for you and surprising Sens there water in it and it a desert, but just sit in your seat and I'll tell you how it works. There a lot of water in some place, but some places there are little to no water at all. You OK now. I now was that was not hard, or toke a day now did it.

“Which type of landform is common in Southern Africa?”

Climate and the Tropical Zone

Southern Africa has a wide variety of climates. From a ranging of humid to arid to hot to cool. The climate is normally wet and dry. I know what you are thinking," HEY KAIL! WHAT IS THE TEMPERATE THERE!" Well First DON'T YELL AT ME, and it is normally in the summer 70 degrees to 90 degrees. In the when it turns winter the temperate actually does not drop.

On we are going to the to the tropical zone, and this is surprising it git hotter. And only 70 ins of rain there. I now


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