Dhukarr Yäkthun Remaking the Pathway

A film by Emma Hudson. Executive Producer, Brigitte Ross, with Batumbil, Doris and Daisy Burarrwaŋa and featuring Captain Peter Gurruwiwi.

When Yolngu Elder and Master Weaver and Painter, Batumbil Burarrwanga, journeys by foot over 60km of country, she speaks to the land and recalls stories passed down by her father. In doing so she revives her family's knowledge of the land and sea to protect the Yolŋu estates that encompass her "homeland", Mata Mata. The walk across country also tells the story of how these estates were entrusted to the Burarrwaŋa family's stewardship.

The film follows Batumbil Burarrwanga and her sisters Daisy and Doris as they replicated a 60km walk they had done with their father in 1964 when they were young children. As elders and leaders the sisters joyously relive their experiences .

Over her life. Batumbil had recurring dreams and visions of her father following the path of the sacred dogs along the coastline of the Arafura Sea in North East Arnhem Land. In a dream Batumbil’s father tells her she carries the fire, power and wisdom necessary to protect the Yolŋiu estates entrusted to them: "Be on your guard, danger from enemies lies ahead".

Dhukarr Yäkthun - Remaking the Pathway follows the Burarrwaŋa sisters as they speak to the land and breath in its wisdom and knowledge. It redefines our connection to the land, and reveals the powerful truth that everything is connected as gurrutu (family). The sisters pass on this knowledge to their family and balanda (non-indigenous) friends. This documentary will pass the same knowledge onto the audience; as Batumbil says “it is everyone’s story now”.


Film by Emma Hudson

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