Web Of Lies By Corporate Avenger

Freedom Is A State Of Mind

2001 | Electronic

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“Justice System. -- Is there justice in the system? -- Or is it just us in the system?"


  • The group is of Native American descent & claimed to be trying to create a spiritual awakening.
  • Led a campaign to get all bibles in the US printed with a disclaimer on them.
  • The group is incredibly hard to pigeonhole politically because they have both liberal and libertarian tendencies that seem to contradict.
  • Brothers, Spike and Brad Xavier were on tour in the band Humble Gods when the idea for corporate avenger formed, circa 1995.
  • The 'Taxes are Stealing' EP, band appeared to consist of eight members, including Pakelika of The Kottonmouth Kings, nameless members of 20 Dead Flower Children & No Doubt.
  • Suburban Noise records was a subsidiary of Koch Entertainment, an Austrian record label focusing on German folk music.


Luke Tatum

Reminds me of the great Megadeth album, The System Has Failed. Specifically, the song Kick the Chair. I make a conscious effort to stay as far away from the court system as I possibly can, and with good reason. Attorneys can be likened to parasites, making fabulous sums of money by participating in one of the finest examples of corruption I can imagine. Lies, forged evidence, backroom deals, and more, all wrapped up in an aura of legitimacy. "The attorneys get paid and they get fat. Is there justice in a world gone crazy?"

Sherry Voluntary

This song is all about the conflict of interest created by a system that has it's own agents write the law, enforce the law, and then prosecute the law. I love the line "attorneys are spiders and we are flies." I think the web analogy for law is quite apropos. The laws are most often written as ways to catch people doing something that the government, having deemed unlawful, enforce and generate revenue from. Like the song says, it's just us, the non-politically connected, in the system.

Nicky P

I'd never heard of these guys before this project and this is the last write up I'm doing for one of their songs, but I'm glad I stumbled on them. Each song is a little bit of fire directed at the system. This one is no less powerful, though not as catchy as Taxes Are Stealing. This song may be even more important because it sets its sights on the farce that is our criminal justice system. We file an endless stream of people into it with an endless array of victimless crimes into it and create a bottleneck where the only hope of a speedy outcome is a plea bargain. Innocents accept guilty verdicts in an effort to make the nightmare end. Don't wanna take the bait? Watch as they find more ways to trump those charges up. It's no surprise the system functions the way it does. It's perhaps the biggest scam ever created to give the class that writes the laws the financial incentive to create more. At the end of the day most politicians are lawyers. That sounds like a stacked deck my friend.

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Nicky P