My Final Project (and Reflection) By Justin Higgins


I am happy about how my final pieces of Photoshop ended up looking, especially compared to the original photos. I used a lot of methods of Photoshop that I was not really accustomed to using before, or had little experience with applying to a photo using Pixlr program. On some of the photos, I decided to use a variety of filters and paint tools to create a different atmosphere than the original, while on others I relied more on the cloning tool or magic wand to add more to a photo. These tools, in my opinion, created an effective and nice looking edit on a photo of a natural landscape or cultural symbol.


I wanted to make my BeatLab song an entertaining to listen to by adding different changes in music style and tempo throughout the song. I felt that these qualities did accomplish what I envisioned about my song, and that it is not too repetitive as an effect. I also wanted to make sure that the song contained an array of different bass beats, since having the same back beat can make a song become boring after a while and could start dragging after a while. To conclude, I believe that this song turned out quite well, and that it remains at an exciting tempo and has a catchy beat for the duration of the tune.

Fake News Article

My main objective in creating this fake news article was to try and make it as realistic as possible in the story itself, and the look of the article as a final product. I also decided to incorporate a few fake tweets using an online program to imitate what an actual news article may use. I believe that these traits effectively made a well made article which contained a bit of realism given that the given story could become reality at any point in the foreseeable future.

Spark Page (Honors Credit)

I decided to make the honors option of this final project to be an Adobe Spark Page in which I reflected on my other three projects. This page turned out pretty well in given that I was able to reflect effectively on each of my other assignments with the addtion of reflecting on the page itself. The only thing I wish to change about this portion of my project is that the formatting could be a little better. The reason I had an issue with the formatting is that the website seemed to be a bit restricting when it came to certain features, and tried to force you to upgrade to obtain those abilities.


Created with images by danielsfotowelt - "sailing boats race sail"

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