Good Life Tour of the Harn ANne- yves senat

Medium of the Art

This piece is made out of metal if i did not see it in person I would not believe it was composed of entirely metal. The way the artist connected the pieces together was something that I never seen before. Also the material that he uses are things we usually put in the garbage and he uses them to make something beautiful. It makes me realize that we can create art work out of almost anything.

Design of the Museum

Where the piece was placed there was a lot of space in the room. This piece was in a room that was rather empty and this was the main piece. It made it seem as if we were walking down an aisle. I was shocked to read that this was a wedding dress. It made me realize that different cultures uses different types of wedding dresses. In America we uses long dresses that flow. However this looks like something the husband should be wearing and not the bride to be.

Art and Core Values

The emotion that this art put in me is desire. These pieces all together remind me how my Haitian ancestors work hard when they were slaves and how they fought to give us our freedom. We were the first country to get our independence in 1804, so that their kids can live free and try to have a future. My goal is to make them proud and finish what they started, which is something I true believe in.

Art and the Good life

This piece symbolizes the Good Life because during the time of the carnivals many people would get together to help create these head pieces. They would spend several hours with each other in preparation for these carnivals and events. The Good Life theme depict ed in this image is happiness. It adds to my understanding because in my country they celebrated in a similar way, so I also appreciate this piece.

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