We have been inspired by the books we have been reading and sharing in Year 1. We are beginning to make connections, between our mantle and the books we are studying.

We continued to measure and make observations.

Some of us are inspired and keen to upload or work onto see saw. It is great to see such enthusiasm.

We have read another book by Kate Milner, ‘A No Money Day’.

It has made us think about others, as well as make connections between our mantle, and the characters in the fiction.

We now know that Sam (the baby in our mantle story) was left in Whitley Bay. We have started to use globes, atlases and maps to locate Newcastle, and the countries in The United Kingdom.

In mats we have been predicted, and investigating mass. We took pictures of ourselves as if we were scales. We were great at using the new vocabulary; mass, weight, balance, light and heavy.