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The founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were Wilson Lumpkin, R. B. C. Howell, James B. Taylor, William Bullein Johnson, and A. Docrey. It was founded on May 10,1845 (the oldest baptist church is in Maine 1682 but southern baptists were formed later), and was founded in Augusta, Georgia.

Southern Baptist Convention

Why was the Southern Baptist Convention Founded? The Southern Baptist Convention was founded because the king of England in the early 17th century persecuted Baptists, so they moved from England to America, and in the year 1630, Baptists had come together by 1832 in the Triennial convention in Philadelphia. They eventually became divided over slavery as in the 1840s there were slaveholders among the higher people in the church. To keep the practice of slavery, the southern Baptists were formed to divide them from the north which was against slavery.

Southern Baptist Members as of 2010: centered in southeastern US

There are an estimated 46,000 churches that cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention to support the work of the North American Mission Board. NAMB reported that Southern Baptist Churches baptized 314,956 individuals in 2012 and that 929 churches were organized. NAMB will increase the number of missionaries in the future as it works toward the church planting goal of 15,000 new Southern Baptist churches by 2022.

An annual event hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention titled "A National Call for Prayer to All Southern Baptists for the Next Great Awakening and to Reach the World for Christ."

International Mission Board (IMB) continues that original purpose of being part of 46,000 Southern Baptist churches focused together to fulfill the Great Commission among all peoples. One - acting as a single Unit. Sacred - dedicated and devoted to God. Effort - and earnest and strenuous attempt. Their one mission is evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches among all peoples in fulfillment of the Great Commission, and bringing everyone to Jesus Christ. NAMB and IMB are global connections that allow Southern Baptists to interact and spread the faith across the world.

Woman being baptized at a Southern Baptist Church

Things that set Baptists apart from other Christian denominations: They celebrate baptism differently; while most Christians are baptized as infants, Baptists celebrate it when they are older and can profess that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Baptists try to lead the way in the promotion of the separation of church and state. Conservative Baptists are sometimes against dancing and watching movies. They don't believe in sacred tradition.

The most well-known Southern Baptist Church in NY on 12 W 108th St. in Manhattan

There are a few Southern Baptist Churches nearby in Flushing, NY and Brooklyn, NY, as well as in NYC

Baptists don't practice sacraments, but they have ordinances. Their two ordinances are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention was formed in 1917 and established its offices in Nashville in 1927. At that time, the Southern Baptist Convention enlarged the Committee’s scope of duties to include acting on behalf of the Convention between annual sessions. Currently, the Executive Committee is comprised of 83 representatives chosen from qualified states and defined territories. Although the Executive Committee does not control or direct the activities of Convention agencies, it reviews their financial statements and recommends the Convention annual operating budget. In addition, it receives and distributes the moneys Southern Baptists give in support of denominational ministries, acts as the recipient and trust agency for all Convention properties, and provides public relations and news services. Stephen N. Rummage is the chairman of the Executive Committee.

The Southern Baptist Convention's symbol is a Bible with a cross protruding from the Bible

The Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists both have many agreements and disagreements, but have a commitment to work toward greater understandings. Common areas of these two faiths include: sanctity for human life, commitment to family values, and securing the rights of all individuals. Overall the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholic Church have a respectful relationship, with similar issues and beliefs.

Southern Baptist Church in Wilson, North Carolina

There are a total of 15,735,640 members of the SBC, 46,125 churches, and almost $188 million given to SBC causes.


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