Age Rolls : Chinese Culture vs American culture Haley Kelvington

Tradition is a very important and well practiced concept in the Chinese culture in history and in modern day. In modern china, family means the household in which a group of people live with and care for each other. It is very common unlike in the United States, cor Chinese families to range from very elderly to infants. Most families never split apart once the children reach a certain age and many grandparents live with their children and grandchildren till they pass.

Grandfather with new born grandchild

In the past, traditional american families consisted of a wife and husband and two children. Typically the father worked and the wife was a stay at home mother. We know that today that is not the case. Many families have single parents and multiple children. Today only 23% of families still live in the traditional lifestyle. Family status is very different in America vs China.

In the american culture, we strive for personal achievement and success. More often than not we put ourselves before others when a big opportunity comes along. In the Chinese culture, many times they think how the decision will affect their family and community first before making any big choice. Americans are more individual centered based on the Chinese lifestyle.

An obvious difference in the two nations is the people that inhabit both of them. American is seen as the diverse country. It is expected to be the country of opportunity and equality to all ethnicity. In china, it is a very different picture. There are 56 different ethnic groups that mostly all branch off of the same background. In america there is 5 times that amount. Both nations agree there are pros and cons to both.

In America, when a loved one passes, we often spend much of our time mourning the person we loved that died. Sometimes loved ones revisit graves to show compassion for the one they lost. In china, they have an annual holiday called "recognition of the dead" where they celebrate their fallen family.

recognition of the dead lantern lighting

A controversial cultural difference between the two are respect. Often in America we hear the term "respect your elders" but in china that concept is literal. There is a national holiday in celebration for the elderly. The young are taught to respect their elders because of the wisdom and knowledge they have.

Style and garments are very different in culture rich parts of china. In america modernization is a big deal but keeping the culture in everyday life is important in the Chinese modern era. The way they dress is very different to american norms.

The last beauty difference is face makeup of women. In china, the norm is pale skin. It is seen as beauty and youth. In America women tend to have tan, dark glowing skin. Chinese women wear white face make up at celebrations.

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