Save our planet Muttiya Tungpookiew

For a long time the Earth, the people, animals and plants on the earth lived happily together. Humans were just like all the other animals. They lived with nature, they ate the food they could find or could catch.
However humans had a brain that continued to grow and they found out that they could farm plants and breed animals. They didn't have to try to find plants to eat and hunt animals like other living things in nature. Soon humans started to build big cities and make lots of things that made their life easier.
Unfortunately the better and easier everything got for the humans the worse it got for nature. Soon humans were making pollution and air and water and soil were being damaged. Many animals and plants started to die.
In the 18th and 19th century there was a thing called the industrial revolution. This was a time when people started to make machines and use fuels like oil and coal and gas. They also cut down more and more forests. In the oil and coal and gas and in the trees that were cut down was lots of a thing called carbon. When the fuel was burnt the carbon was sent into the atmosphere as a chemical called carbon dioxide.
The carbon dioxide went up into the earths atmosphere and there started to be too much of it. This caused a problem because the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere still let the sun shine on the earth but it stopped a lot of the heat from going back out through the atmosphere and this started to make the earth hotter.
Ever since the industrial revolution the earth has been getting hotter and this is all because of what humans are doing. If we don't stop burning there fuels and cutting down trees our world will keep getting hotter and this will cause lots of problems.
The glaciers and ice caps will melt and the seas will rise and many cities and even some countries will be underwater. Many diseases the are in hot places will spread to new places and lots of plants and animals will die.
It is like the world is getting sick and we are the cause. We can help heal the planet or at least stop it getting sicker by changing to new fuels like solar and wind that don't send carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We can also try to use less and live more with nature.
If humans want the earth to continue to take care of them then humans need to start taking care of the earth.
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