Madeleine McHale Warden Supervisor

Maddy is a Warden Supervisor, working with the 12-strong team of Community Wardens, she works on the streets of our borough engaging with people. The warden’s team was introduced in July to help to keep our streets safe, enforcing public protection orders, dealing with anti-social behaviour, begging, busking and highway and road faults. In their first six months, the team has walked over 3000 miles and worked on 900 cases from graffiti to helping to find lost children.

Maddy and her team go to great lengths to protect the community.

“We’ve built great relationships with residents over the past six months. Many we know on a first-name basis. Particularly the elderly who have been quite lonely during this time, we always make an effort to stop and talk to them, ask them about their day and make sure they have what they need.”

Maddy says because of these relationships many residents have felt confident enough to come to the wardens for help or to report incidents, something they may not have felt comfortable doing before.

Maddy who has a background in enforcement feels a friendly well-rounded approach to people takes pride in her team and the work they have done.

Maddy and her team have been on the frontline during the pandemic, helping businesses keep customers safe by encouraging social distancing and mask-wearing. She says there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour during certain parts of the pandemic.

“During some parts of the lockdown, we saw more anti-social behaviour, mainly because pubs and drinking establishments were closed there were more street drinkers. We’ve increased patrols to help with this”

Thank you, Maddie and to all our Community Wardens!