Venezuela By luke allcock

The Reconquista of Latin America has effected the region more than anything else. Although the colonies of Spain and Portugal are the main ones effect the entirety of Latin America also changed. Today we will be looking at Venezuela in particular. Venezuela is considered a Federal Republic but has been functioning under the rule of dictatorships for quite some time now.

The Reconquoista introduced a new form of government that was much more organized than the likes of the Incas or the Aztecs. The new rulers were in charge of every aspect of life. This can be seen once again in Venezuela. While Venezuela claims to be a Federal Republic, it's truly just a 21st century Dictatorship. From 1999 to 2013, Venezuela was under the rule of Hugo Chavez. Chavez ruled under an iron first and the government was filled with corruption. The media was often suppressed and he often eliminated political rivals.

Hugo Chavez, 2009

During the Reconquista, Spanish Conquistadors commented on the fact that a black gooey substance was very valuable to the people of Venezuela. This substance was crude oil. Crude oil remains one of Venezuela's main exports completely controlled by the government. Venezuela is well known for its expansive and enormous oil rigs spread throughout the ocean.

Oil Rig in Cabimas, Venezeula

When Hugo Chavez passed away due to cancer in 2013, Nicolas Mendura took over as "president." Mendura served under Chavez as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President. Mendura has continued the theme of a 21st dictatorship first introduced in the area due to Reconquista.

Nicolas Mendura, 2015

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