NaTiVe AmEricAnS And how Colonist affected them.

The Native Americans lost many lives. The Europeans, Colonist and American Indians had many rivalries including war. But the Team that lost the most is definitely American Indians.

In 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue. He set foot on the bahamas. He went on four trips to America and killed 250,000 indians. Though if you find this interesting go search it up on Google.

Somewhere In the bahamas

In 1513 Juan Ponce De Leon Explores florida and held 8 Native americans captive.

1539 -Hernando de Soto lands at florida and kills 100 native americans.

A beach in florida.

1539- The Spainish got in touch with the Pueblo Indians.

So in the middle of the slide show I will be talking about the Major Impacts the Colonist had On the Native Americans.

1680- The Pueblo Indians rebelled against the Spainish and took back there homeland for 12 years.

1754 -The French and British war started. The Iroquios sided with the British and the Hurons Sided with the French.

1763 -The French and British war ended with the British winning.

1810 -Tecumseh and his followers tried to stop the United States from growing.

The Europeans took their resources for example The text states,” Spain began claiming land and buildings.”The text states this because when Spain claimed the land from the native Americans. They claimed or TOOK it because some people want to sell the land while others want its resources. it sounds like stealing the land that the American Indians were on first like stealing a house from a family. Also the text states,”Spain took gold and silver from the aztecs in mexico” They took this because they needed wealth so them they couldn't find any in there land so they went and invaded the native americans to take their gold and silver.

This is probally a reason Tecumseh didn't the U.S.A to grow because If the United States grew to big back then, The Native Americans would worry that they would start taking away everything they had.

1812 -The Native Americans ally with the Brtish for the war of 1812

1824 -The U.S made the Office of Indian Affairs.

1830 -The Andrew Jackson approves the Native American removal act.

1838 -The Cherokee Trail of Tears Happens.

The colonist and the Europeans made them sign treaties. Some treaties have taking land or losing lives for example, ”Choctaw Chief Pushmataha signed the Treaty of Doak’s stand, Which gave a large part of the people's land to the united states.” This means they were forced to sign it which means either if they don't sign it they will A. Might get killed and B. Forced off of there land and it isn’t fair because the indians might not understand most of what they wrote. There already was a massacre….

I specifically put this here because The reason the Cherokee lost their land was because of treaties. The

“Cherokees! The President of the United States has sent me with a powerful army, to cause you, in obedience to the treaty of 1835 [the Treaty of New Echota], to join that part of your people who have already established in prosperity on the other side of the Mississippi. Unhappily, the two years which were allowed for the purpose, you have suffered to pass away without following, and without making any preparation to follow; and now, or by the time that this solemn address shall reach your distant settlements, the emigration must be commenced in haste, but I hope without disorder. I have no power, by granting a farther delay, to correct the error that you have committed. The full moon of May is already on the wane; and before another shall have passed away, every Cherokee man, woman and child in those states must be in motion to join their brethren in the far West. My friends! This is no sudden determination on the part of the President, whom you and I must now obey. By the treaty, the emigration was to have been completed on or before the 23rd of this month; and the President has constantly kept you warned, during the two years allowed, through all his officers and agents in this country, that the treaty would be enforced. I am come to carry out that determination. My troops already occupy many positions in the country that you are to abandon, and thousands and thousands are approaching from every quarter, to render resistance and escape alike hopeless. All those troops, regular and militia, are your friends. Receive them and confide in them as such. Obey them when they tell you that your can remain no longer in this country. Soldiers are as kind-hearted as brave, and the desire of every one of us is to execute our painful duty in mercy. We are commanded by the President to act towards you in that spirit, and much is also the wish of the whole people of America. Chiefs, head-men and warriors! Will you then, by resistance, compel us to resort to arms? God forbid! Or will you, by flight, seek to hid yourselves in mountains and forests, and thus oblige us to hunt you down? Remember that, in pursuit, it may be impossible to avoid conflicts. The blood of the white man or the blood of the red man may be spilt, and, if spilt, however accidentally, it may be impossible for the discreet and humane among you, or among us, to prevent a general war and carnage. Think of this, my Cherokee brethren! I am an old warrior, and have been present at many a scene of slaughter, but spare me, I beseech you, the horror of witnessing the destruction of the Cherokees. Do not, I invite you, even wait for the close approach of the troops; but make such preparations for emigration as you can and hasten to this place, to Ross’s Landing or to Gunter’s Landing, where you all will be received in kindness by officers selected for the purpose. You will find food for all and clothing for the destitute at either of those places, and thence at your ease and in comfort be transported to your new homes, according to the terms of the treaty. This is the address of a warrior to warriors. May his entreaties by kindly received and may the God of both prosper the Americans and Cherokees and preserve them long in peace and friendship with each other!

1862 -Homestead Act is passed by U.S government.

1874 -The Red River war is fought.

1890- Sitting Bull is killed by Indian Agents.

1890- Wounded Knee Massacre Takes Plave in South Dakota.

1907- Charles Curtis becomes first Native American Senator

1912 -Native American JIm Thrope is now Greatest Athelete Ever

1965- Marina Tallcheif becomes First American Prima Ballerina of New York.

1969 -All Native Americans are declared Citizens of the U.S.A

Can we take a moment of how everything change between the Native Americans and Colonist? At the beginning everyone was so different. The Colonist wanted the Native American land. But now They are like giving them back their land.

The colonist were forcing Native Americans of their land. This can be inferred when the text states,” The struggle to control land And resources in North america created many conflicts among European Nations.” This makes sense to me because there was a struggle and there is a possibility that means war. Also according to the text,”However, settlers in search of good farmland and gold began moving onto cherokee land.” This makes sense because settlers looking for gold go on their land in search to find gold. That's like playing pokemon go in someone's backyard.


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