MAKER ED 101 #MakerEd #MakerReady

Ana Josephson & J.E. Johnson

Introductions- Who are you & what do you teach?

MAKE # 1 CIRCUIT POP UP pages 5-6

Confirmational: Students are taught a concept with demonstration. Students then are asked to build using instructions.

Simple paper circuit is applied to several design challenges.

MAKE # 2 WIGGLE BOT, Learn by watching

Structured: Teacher poses a question and outlines an experiment, project, challenge, or area of investigation. Structured Prompt: How does the position of the shaking motor change how the wiggle bot moves?

Examples of Conformational, Structured, Guided, and Open projects

Make #3 The Automaton

Introducing Tools

Prompt 1 SEL: Make an Automaton that represents you in some way.

Prompt 2 Literacy: Make an Automaton that represents a haiku you wrote about...

Prompt 3 STEAM: Make an Automaton with 2-3 different cams that create a variety of movements and tells a story.

Make # 4 Four Chairs Design Challenge

Working in teams and developing empathy

Client 1 is an 80 year old man...

Client 2 is a 35 year old woman...

Client 3 is a 13 year old boy...

Human Centered Design: write down a list of specific design features your chair could have in order to help your client with his or her specific needs. Sketch and annotate your design.

Discovering different materials through constraints:

1. Cut a Chair - 2. Bend a Chair - 3. Mold a Chair - 4. Assemble a Chair

Providing Meaningful Feedback




Prompt Literacy and SEL: Design and make a prototype of a gift for one of the animals in the book THANK YOU BEAR or for your favorite animal.


What is Invention Literacy?

Prompt 1 Biology: Make a moving model of plant or animal that exhibits adaptations to their environment.

More Projects!

Making a Meaningful Maker Lesson Plan

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