By: mario vaico


"Now geroge won't let me tend the rabbits " Pg 85.

"But it didn't do no good. I remembered the rabbits, George "pg 38

  • A very tall person
  • Not very bright
  • Hard worker
  • Strong Enough to get the job done
  • He gets scared easy
  • Don't what to do when he gets in trouble
  • Mind of a child soft things

Lennies dream is the same as George have 10 acres of land and be his own boss (pg 58)


"I used to have a hell lot of fun with him "(pg 40)

"The first man was very small and quick dark if face with restless eyes and sharp strong features "(pg 2)

  • Quick
  • Smart
  • Slim
  • Short
  • Leader
  • Dark of a face
  • Small

George's dream is to have a farm of his Owen and be the boss of his self. Have ten acres of land to him slef (pg 57)


"The wooden latch raised. The door opened and the tall stoop shoulderd old man came in he was dressed in blue jeans" (pg 18)

"The old man moved towards the door and the ancient dog lifted his head and peered down" (pg 28)

  • Old
  • Swamper
  • Cripple
  • Good relationship with dog
  • Missing hand
  • Lonely
  • Smelly

"The same dream as George and lennies have there own farm and to call there and have people working for them" (pg 59)


"At that moment a young man a young man came into the bunk houses thin young man with a brown face "(pg 25)

"That's the boss son he said quietly curlers pretty handy "(pg26)

  • Short
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Glove on left hand
  • Tight curled left hand
  • Thin
  • Brown face

"Carley's dream is to be a big tall person as stated in the story"(26)

Curleys wife

She would flirt with all the guys on the farm

"It smoothed out his crushed hat created it in the middle and put it on." (Pg 35)

  • Tramp
  • Jail bait
  • Cotton house dress
  • Hand full
  • Wide space eyes
  • Lonely
  • Red nails

"Curleys wife would like to be a movie star like in the book stated " (pg88)


"Crooks sat on the bunk and faced the door for a moment" (pg83)

"Crooks stood up from his bunk and faced her I had enough he said coldly" (pg 80)

  • African American
  • Loner
  • Has Owen room
  • Works with horses
  • Has no right
  • Stable hand
  • Crooked back

Crooks dream is to be called friend and being with everyone and having fun and all and being with everyone around (pg 76)


"A tall man who takes care of everyone around "(pg 33)

"He smoothed out his crushed hat creased in the middle"(pg33)

  • Fast
  • Tall
  • 35-70 years
  • Jerkline skinner
  • Prince of the ranch
  • Harsh
  • Heard more than was said to him

"His dream is to live a happy life and to have his Own farm of his own"

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