Labels Shannon Moskowitz

I studied the group known as "The Hicks"
Definition for the slang, "Hick" according to Merriam Webster: an uneducated person from a small town or the country.

The definition of Hicks according to TA students:

"“They drive a truck and park in the hick corner and live in Dayton and Arundel.”

“The chippewas and the gypsy talk. Talk about their trucks”

“Timberlands and muck boots. A lot of flannel is worn by them. Go hunting and fishing in their spare time.”

"They either end up going into the army or farming. They rarely go to college."

“Take vocational classes on truck building or truck maintenance. They're priorities are their trucks and hey love America.”

“They talk very loud and they are confident in their own way. They also like to haze people.”

“Yee yee!" -Danielle Jennings

The stereotype of this group of kids:

  • Wears a lot of Camouflage
  • Name brands such as Carhartt, Chippewa, Levi, Dickies
  • Drives a truck
  • Lack education
  • Hunt and fish in they're free time
  • Attend "pit parties" or bon fires
  • Listen to country
  • Be very loud/reckless
  • Have an immense amount of Patriotism

They're often looked down upon if they choose not to attend a college and are expected not to.

What would you have in common with them unless you go fishing and hunting?

Would you hangout with someone who displayed a confederate flag on their truck?

How do you approach someone who is so loud and obnoxious?


Some people may look up to them for being able to be so outgoing and loud.

Hicks are known to be able to make any situation fun whether it's making a tarp pool out of the bed of a truck, or making a mud slip n slide. They are reckless and carefree about other's opinion which is something everyone should strive to be.

They're main goal in life isn't about living up to the social standards and going to college and settling down right away, but just having fun and making enough money to support themselves.

However, they're carelessness to a structured and well planned out life can also be seen as a disadvantage.


They're seen as stupid and illiterate due to the fact that education is not their top priority.

Some may even call them "dirty" or "white trash" due to the area where they live, usually ranches or log cabin like houses.

Hicks seem to be lower on the social ladder. They're not usually desired and they're lifestyle seems to be something that is looked down upon. The 'Hick' group has a negative connotation to it. People who tend to come from wealthier families of higher education are the most successful pertaining societies expectations and they do not fall into that label.

Who am I?

A popular kid

"Accepted, followed, used, or done by many people." -Merriam Webster

"Usually characterized by overall wealth, fashionable style, confidence, the "popular kids" vary from school to school. Depending on what school you go to, they can be intelligent, intelligent but dumb themselves down, or just downright idiots. They come in all shapes and sizes, from petite brunettes to towering blondes. Most of them throw/attend the best parties in town, date the hottest girls/boys in town, and wear the most envy-worthy clothes in town." -Urban Dictionary

I was very hesitant to label myself as a "popular" kid, because I hate the connotation it carries. I feel as though being popular, depicts me to be shallow, egotistical and unapproachable, which is heart breaking for me. Although I have a lot of friends, friends who are also put into that category, I try my hardest to be humbled. I'm shamefully guilty of doing most things a "popular person" would do because I am an extrovert and am constantly around my group of friends who also happen to be athletes. As much as I hate to admit it, I am at the top of the social chain which means that I am being watched and looked up to so I feel like I have to be careful with my actions and I feel pressured to make my life look fun and desirable, even if it's not actually true.

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