Smurai project By Lluvia Calderon

By: Lluvia Calderon, Period 5

Japan became a military society because of the shoguns that had taken control. If not Japan had to be ruled by shogunate, or military government for almost 700 years. A shogun was a supreme commander, Samurais took loyalty and defended there lord instead of there family. Some of the land was a main source because the island was small that people wanted the whole island.

Samurais armor was usually heavy becuase it was made out of copper, leather, and iron. There helmets were decorated. Some samurais were prepared since their were birth. They had swords and they were mostly on horseback sometimes they would fall of there horse and had to fight without there horse.

They sometimes became samurais since they wore born since there grandparent or parents were already samurais. The stages of samurais are a 7 year old them 14 then an adult. They prepaired themselves physically by practicing wrestling, jujutsu, shooting bows, riding horses and sword fighting. They prepared Mentally by practicing meditation. Bushido is the samurai code that emphasized loyalty and bravery above all. Samurais ideals were Zen Buddhism, swords,armor, etc. seppuko was cone to avoid falling toanimes hands or if they did something to shameful. They slid there abdominal or stomach open.

Amida,or pure land, included a believe that people might have salvation in a pure land after their death. Zen held that something precious and Devine exists in each person.

A women had a higher states than before. Some women owned land and some even became samurais. As a samurai mom you had to teech your duaghter manners.

The end

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Lluvia Calderon


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