A tragic tale of unrequited love and hate.

SMARTboard at BETT2015.

I'm Paul. A touch screen and tablet artist. All of the pics here you see were drawn on a Tesco Hudl, an Apple iPad or an HTC One. Or a Surface Pro 3. Or, as in the picture above, a Steljes SMART board.

Special flavour combinations. iPad/Hudl/HTC One.

((Tap the smaller pictures for other versions)).

Apart from touch screen art one of my strange obsessions is Marmite. Love the jars, love the flavour, even if I do occasionally suggest add on flavour combinations that might or might not be the thoughts of genius.

At some point, whilst no doubt relaxing after a fine breakfast, the Lords of Marmite decided that a Summer limited edition jar would be a jolly good wheeze.

A jar of Marmite, relaxing. iPad Mini 2/Procreate.
iPad Mini/Flipink.

What was NOT a jolly wheeze was the fact that there would be two jars. A Love jar, which itself was a pig to find, and a Hate jar, limited to 100 units or so.

iPad mini, ArtRage app.
HTC One/Corel Painter.
Surface Pro 3/Fresh Paint.

Such things seemed to dominate my scribble thoughts for a couple of weeks and so, when doodle time allowed, it was the dark elixir which hit the glass screens.

Marleks. XPeria tablet/iPad.
iPad Mini, Talkboard, Pixelmator.
This. HTC One and ArtRage.
Hatefull. HTC/Corel Painter.
Public notice. iPad Mini/Skechbook.

(Yes, yes I know... Same soundtrack for both vids. I'm, at least, consistent. I guess).

Treachery. iPad mini/ArtRage.

All, sadly, to no avail. I tried 7 x Waitrose (with one manager at least being honest enough with me to say if his store had had one it never would have hit the shelves), 4 x Asda, 3 x Tesco and then gave up in a sulk.

Summer hate. HTC One/Corel Painter.

I'd still love a Hate jar but yesterday it started raining, with a healthy dose of thunder thrown in. So that seems as good a time as any to give up on Summer.

The Phantom of the Operajar. iPad Mini/Sketch app.

Hey ho. Win some, lose some.

Images drawn on a range of apps. If you've got a question sling it at @kercal or Twitter or check out www.kercal.co.uk for more tablet arty stuff.

Thanks for reading :)

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