Little Drops of Water Using off-camera flash

The set-up
  1. Take one flash, put it off-camera and point it at a dish of water. You'll need some way to trigger the flash, e.g. a sync cord or wireless triggers.
  2. Add some water drops - I made my "drippy thing" but a plastic bag of water would serve.
  3. I used a standard (50mm) lens on a full-frame dSLR, fitted with a short extension tube to get closer. A macro lens or close-up filters would also work.
  4. I also tried a 70-200mm zoom, fitted with extension tubes. The advantage was an increased distance between the camera and the water. The downside is a decreased depth-of-field.
  5. Set the flash to manual mode and adjust the settings to over-power the ambient light.
  6. Use manual focus - aim where the drops hit the dish of water.
  7. For extra impact I lit the background with a colour-gelled flash and added another gel to the main flash.
  8. Be prepared to take lots of shots!
Well! Who do you think you are?
Family outing
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Roger Walton


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