Good Life of a Butterfly By thomas holley


I found this particular area of the exhibit appealing because of the surrounding elements. The waterfall peacefully flowing with the butterflies and birds alongside of it. As a whole, this was a very beautiful and peaceful scene.


This beautiful sight shows different butterflies eating bananas, unbothered and care free. This is exhibit allows for this beauty to be displayed for people to see and get the full admiration of this magnificent beauty. Much like what Leopold was saying, we need to respect, admire and love nature and this pictures is all of those things blended into one.


This particular picture of the exhibit fits the idea of spirit perfect because it was the end of my experience. The reason I say the picture fits is because the view of all of the different animals (birds, butterflies, turtle) and how all of them peacefully coincide with each other and it gave me a sense of peace and respect for nature that i sometimes lose contact with and my spirit felt at one with nature.

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