My Beach Utopia Heat and happiness

Essentials and about my utopia

  • personal chief
  • never ending food
  • never ending mall for clothing
  • figure skating rink
  • books
  • tv
  • phone

In my utopia money is not a needed object everyone has what they want and are not greedy they are happy with want they have, there is also no violence and crime

I take one trip off my beach every month to a new place everytime

Food, Shelter, Entertainment, Clothing

Food: I will have a personal chief to cook me anything I want because my utopia has never ending food on it

Shelter: I will live in a beach hut/house that is right on the beach by the water

Entertainment: I will have a figure skating rink, a library of books, tv, I will also have my dogs and any friends and family that want to visit

Clothing: On my utopia there will be a mall that always has new options


Created with images by Radoan_tanvir - "good morning pure sun rise sunset" • Foundry - "beach shoreline coast" • Magnus Bråth - "Palm trees and sunset"

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