november 2017

Volume 2, Number 11

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography is a love affair with life―Burk Uzzle

editors note

This month the Darkroomers In Focus News Magazine takes a break from its usual format to bring you important year end information. We will get back to our regular format in short order but we wanted to focus this month's content on important important club matters.


year end program

Preparations for the Year End Program are underway so it's time to start thinking about which images you want to enter for the competition. There are no rules changes this year but there were a few clarifications to the rules which with you may want to familiarize yourself. In any event, there are only two months remaining to get your work in for consideration if you want to enter it into this year's competition.


key dates

  • December 1st -- Call for Entries
  • December 20th -- Last Monthly Exhibition of the Year
  • December 31st -- Last Day to Enter; Entries Close at 11:59P PST
  • January 3rd -- Print Submissions 7P
  • January 4th -- All Entries are Final
  • January 13th -- Year End Competition at 12P
  • January 24th -- Year End Awards Dinner and Awards Ceremony 6P



The Year End Program is staffed by 8 club members who run the event. Darkroomers traditionally cleans the building the morning of the event so we need a cleaning crew to make it look good for the judges.


  • 9am Cleaning Crew Arrives. Donuts and Coffee are provided. We need 5 volunteers to help clean
  • 11am Competition Staff Briefing
  • 12pm Welcome Reception. Drinks and Lunch are provided
  • 1-4pm Year End Competition Program



  • 2 Curators (the guys that wear the white gloves to show the work)
  • 1 Technical Scorer (the guy that reads back the score from entered by the judges into the computer)
  • 2 Scorekeepers - 2 people write down the score for each entry
  • 1 Referee - someone who oversees the event and challenges any discrepancies in the scoring
  • 1 Sorter/Scoring Assistant
  • 1 Score Reviewer




The categories this year for the Year End Competition have a few additions this year. Some of the less popular categories were removed or combined with other categories.

  • Landscapes -- Scenic landscapes photography.
  • Waterscapes -- Scenic waterscape photography.
  • Monochrome -- Monochromatic photographs (black and white, sepiatone or cyanotype)
  • Wildlife -- Scenes depicting wildlife. Entries in this category can be animals, insects, or flowers, excluding those which have been domesticated.
  • Birds -- Scenes depicting birds and birdlife including domesticated birds, birds of flight, waterfowl, hummingbirds, peacocks, roosters, chickens and turkeys.
  • People -- People in action, people in a studio setting or people in a natural outdoor setting.
  • Documentary -- Scenes of everyday life depicting hidden worlds and/or complex story lines.
  • Other -- composites, still-life, photo-manipulations, abstracts, astrophotography, macrophotography, and anything else that doesn't fit in the other 7 categories listed above.



See the Darkroomers website for a complete set of rules http://darkroomers.com/about/constitution/

  1. Members may submit up to 10 images.
  2. Members may enter as many images into each category as they wish.
  3. An image may be entered into one category only.
  4. Each image must have been accepted into a Darkroomers monthly exhibition in 2017.
  5. Prints must have an accept sticker from a monthly exhibition. Those prints not exhibiting an accept sticker must be approved by both the President and Vice President of the club.
  6. Changes may be taken into consideration based on feedback from the judges and reprinted. Those changes must be approved by both the President and Vice President of the club.
All rules which apply to monthly exhibitions will be strictly enforced

Any image not meeting the following criterion will be refused and may be disqualified:

  • All prints must have sturdy backings. Prints without backings will be refused at entry.
  • Mats, if used, must be black or white only; a single inset mat of any color may be used.
  • Prints, as presented with mounting, must not exceed 18 x 20 inches.


entry process

Detailed instructions for entry will be provided later this month but the process will be similar to the process used last year. Entries are submitted electronically through the Darkroomers website. Your electronic submission will include a Hi-Res JPEG rendition of the image you are entering into the competition. The JPEG will be used by our electronic scoring system to verify the print during the competition so it must match the print you are entering for competition. Mismatches between the JPEG and the print may cause delays in the competition or lead to disqualification. The JPEG may also be used to represent the club, should your image get chosen for the Best in Show, to compete for the Nelson Award in March so it is very important that you submit a high-quality version of the JPEG.

The first meeting in January is when you bring the prints that you are entering into the competition. Label stations will be setup for you so you can easily get your entry labels. Find your station and get your labels then affix the labels to your prints. There will be designated boxes for each category. Someone will help you store your images into the designated box so they are safely stored until the competition.

Be kind, rewind

Take care to affix the correct label to the print it belongs to. Designate the entire back of the print for the label. Please do not submit prints that were previously entered into the fair or another exhibition--such that they have a multitude of entry forms, competition stickers, awards, etc..., as these may interfere with the scoring system or label readers.

Please be courteous to your fellow clubmates. Entering prints that have velcro or adhesive on the back of your print could damage someone else's work. We highly recommend that your enter pristine work so there is nothing on the back which could damage someone else's work, interfere with the system or delay the competition.




making the grade

Darkroomers was the official club to photograph the 2017 San Diego Maker Faire. It was a hot day in the sun but we had fun with our cameras while taking great photos. Thanks to all the Darkroomers who came out and walked. The photographs of the event will hopefully make their way onto the Park's website and be featured in next year's Maker Faire microsite.



Quarterly update

the last stand

Far Out by Jeff Booher

Bottles is the theme for the final quarter of 2017 and the competition takes place at our November 29th meeting. Angie Crompton is going to be tough to beat but Karen can still take her in the Monochrome division--if Angie stays home... Angie has the Color division all but won, however. So it's going to be an interesting night. Jeff's bringing refreshments so we will have mostly thawed-out shrimp to look forward to...



club news

700 club

Last month the membership approved moving meeting start times to 7P so our November 1st meeting will start at 7P. Hopefully the time change means we will end the meetings earlier.

With the time change, refreshments need to arrive at 6:30 so that members can enjoy them before the meeting starts. We would like to start refreshment setup 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting so that folks have ample time to socialize and enjoy refreshments while the meeting space is being set up.


fore more years

It is time to nominate officers for the 2018 membership year. In years past, Darkroomers nominated officers and directors then confirmed them to their post. This year, however, we have changed the election process so that only officers are nominated and confirmed--which greatly reduces the number of nominations--and the amount of time it takes to get through the nominating process...


Darkroomers is a volunteer organization with a lot of moving parts--more than any other organization. We need volunteers to help run the club which means we need people to step up and take on some of the responsibilities and own essential club functions. We may need to start cutting essential services and programs if we cannot get volunteers to help run the organization.

Find it in your heart to help us out by volunteering for one of the oldest and most prestigious camera clubs in San Diego


interclub news

The November Interclub competition has been moved to November 28th at 7:30P so that you can spend Thanksgiving with your family and friends. November 28th will be the last competition of the year so it really comes down to the wire for Darkroomers.




Paul Tournet

Our judge for November is Paul Tournet. Paul is a Professor of Art and Photography at Grossmont College. He previously taught at the University of San Diego and the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente in Guadalajara, Mexico for the University of San Diego’s Guadalajara Summer Program.

Paul received an MFA in Photography from the Yale University School of Art in 1995. For the following fifteen years, he photographed in Mexico for which he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 1997 and grants from the Trans-Border Institute in 2003 and 2004 for his continued work on the U.S./Mexico border.




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