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Japan is on the contenent of Asia on the Northern Hemisphere. The highest amount of presipitation of the year is always in Autumn, In Summer, it can be either Warm and Comfortable, or Hot and Humid, and it Winter. It is Long and Cold. The currency of Japan is Yen, which is very different from American money. And finally, the population of Tokyo, Japan, is 127,253,075.

Japan Flag

Did you know Mount Fuji is a very famous mountain? Japan is a very beautiful place. It has lots of wildlife, with tall mountains, huge forests, and lots of valleys and lakes. People come to the country to visit Mount Fuji, celebrate different holidays, such as Children's Day, and learn about Chieko Kawabe.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower when it is lit up.

Wide, Green, Thick trees.

Paths to nature...

and paths to...

This, and animals such as...


Mount Fuji is a beautiful mountain in Japan. It has no trees because of its height of 3,776 meters. It is very hard to see it up high because of all the clouds.The mountain is located in Japan on the border line of Yamanashi and Shizuoka. According to the tradition, Mount Fuji was created by an earthquake a long time ago. Mount Fuji is a volcano, and it most recently erupted in 1707. Many scientists say it is still active. The age of mount Fuji is uncertain, but it has existed for many years. Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan.

Mount Fuji photos

February 24, 1987 is the birthdate of the famous singer and actress, Chieko Kawabe from Japan. Chieko was born in Tokyo and has loved music since a very young age. In high school she decided to take dance lessons, and also got involved in musicals. And from 2000- 2001 she played “Sailor Mercury” and quickly became a recognizable actress for that role. On October 2009, she released her first full length album which became very successful. August 8, 2008, Chieko Kawabe became Chieko Ochi when she married a producer. She will continue singing and acting for all of Japan.

Chieko Kawabe
Childrens Day In Japan

Childrens Day is a holiday to honor children on May 5th. They are respacted for there differences, talents, and strengths. Did you know Childrens Day was origianally for boys only? It later became a holiday for girls and boys in 1948. Once a year, cloth carp streamers are hung up and flown outside of buildings to bring luck and good fortune to the children inside. The kids of Japan and all over the world will continue to have their own holiday once a year, May 5th.

Now are you curious about Japan? The country is known for it's many unique torist places, Merchandise, and landscapes. Certainly you should visit Japan because you could learn about it's famous places, people, and celebrate it's many holidays.








Mount Fuji

Chieko Kawabe

Childrens Day Carp Streamers

Japan Flag

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