Charles F. Jenkins By:EMMA

Charles Francis Jenkins Created the first motion Projector.


He created a T.V. to.


He also created the Phantoscope. A Phantoscope is made to see thing people can't see.

He was born in Dayton,Ohio on August 22, 1867
Sadly he died at 66 on June 6, 1934 he died in Washington,D.C. and was buried in Rock Creek Cemetary
His invention's helped society by........... well the Phantoscope helps Scientists. The T.V. helped people to know what happpening in the world. And the Motion Projector maked people enjoyed by watching a movie.
Charles Francis Jenkins did not just achieve his goal by himself he had people to help for his financial help he had Thomas Armat helped provide financial backing necessary modifications..
Does his inventions still exist.Yeah they do, advanced, but yes the T.V. still exists, the phantoscope does and the projector. The T.V. is used to watch movies,and get news.. The phantoscope is used for scientists to see stuff better. The projector is used to watch movies and for school.
My opinion about him is that i think he is really smart because he invented the T.V. and a Phantoscope.
if i could change anything i would put the T.V. in color.

If I could invent something I would invent sponge shoes so I could float on water.

I discovered that he was in the US costgard.

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Meredith Fennema


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