5 ways to prepare for a natural disaster By: Julia Cox

Be knowledgable. Be prepared.

1. Be knowledgeable of all the disasters that are possible in your geographical area. Knowing the different types that can occur where you live will make the preparation process easier.

2. Create your own emergency kit when preparing for a future disaster. Include things such as water, bandages, tourniquet, rubbing alcohol, non-perishable food items and a thermal blanket. These items can be used universally in any natural disaster.

3. Create an emergency meeting spot so you and your family know where to meet during a disaster. Knowing where everybody is will eliminate anxiety that may be caused due to not knowing where to go.

4. Write down any personal information such as any health concerns you may have and keep it close to you. This information can be written on anything such as an index card or a piece of paper. It is important to have this information on you in case you aren't able to verbally deliver the information yourself.

5. Know the quickest evacuation route out of your city. In addition, make sure you have a place to stay once you leave the place of the natural disaster.


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