Power Universal theme: Power should not be taken lightly. The amount of power we have controls our own personality and how we treat others.

"Of Mice and Men" By John Steinbeck

" Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier. 'What the hell you laughing at?'... Then Curly's rage exploded . ' Come on, ya big bastard... No big son of a B**** is gonna laugh at me." (62)

In Of Mice and Men Curley is a very cocky and self confident person. He believes he is the top dog. He will intimidate you whether you are stronger or bigger than him. For example when Lennie made Curley angry , Curley instantly wanted to fight. He tried to show him up, stepping over to" Lennie like a terrier" The power he contained made him this way. He knows that he can boss people around so he does it all the time, abusing his powers.

"The Chrysanthemums" By John Steinbeck

"'It must be nice,' she said 'It must be very nice. I wish women could do such things.' 'It ain't the right kind of life for a women...'" (6)

Elisa throughout the story shows her passion towards being an independent women. She believes that the life style of a man is privileged and she wants the same life as them. In the story she tells the traveler that his life would be nice. He automatically shuts her down telling her its no life for a women. He resembles what all men thought. they they were the only ones who could do these activities. This power greatly affected men.

"Tularecito" By John Steinbeck

" That night Miss Martin called on Franklin Gomez and demanded that the boy be whipped...,If you had seen what he did today you wouldn't blame me. I tell you, he needs a lesson.' "

Miss Martin, Tularecito's teacher, wanted him to learn his lesson. she wanted to make him learn of mistakes with and overdue punishment. she needed him to learn who was in power. Unfortunately it did not work. After his whipping he just smiled and walked away.

"A Christmas Carol"

In " The Christmas Carol" Ebenezer Scrooge was a very mean man that only cared about money. he had a lot of power and abused it for his own liking never once using it for someone else. his power corrupted him making him this way. After he met the ghosts of Christmas past , present, and future he has a change of attitude towards his power. He starts to help his employees and donates to charities. he started treating others with respect and a better attitude.

Power is a very complex idea that has positive and negative affects to what a person does. Power can make someone completely different. A great quote that explains this is from Abraham Lincoln. He said "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power."This quote says a lot. Someones true character is shown when given power. What they decide to do with it and how they treat others.


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