My Timeline by Juliana Lepore

Choosing my Classes-early june

In early June, I chose what classes I wanted to take for freshman year. Since then, I have been a better student. The object that I chose to represent this choice is cold water because learning makes me feel refreshed. This impacted me because I got good grades by trying my best in these classes.

Cheerleading Tryouts-June

In June, I chose to try out for the Varsity Cheerleading team. This example is symbolized as a rollercoaster because it's suspenseful waiting to find out if I made it or not, but then I got over the drop and it turned out to be really fun. Since I've tried out, I've grown more as a cheerleader and as a person. I am overall a happier and more active person because of this choice.

babysitting - entire summer

Over the summer, I started babysitting for my cousins. The object that symbolizes this is a jack-in-the-box because it can be kind of spontaneous and hectic when babysitting two boys. I learned what it's like to watch children through this, and I helped my aunt and uncle because they could go out to dinner without the kids.

coaching: August-november

In August, I chose to help out coaching a cheerleading team for 4-8 year olds. A symbol that I chose to represent this experience is a massage because it was very therapeutic teaching them. I learned how to teach kids through this experience. I impacted them because I taught them.

community service: october

In October, I chose to do community service with my church. A symbol that I chose to represent this experience is sunshine because it made me feel good. It made me a better person. I impacted others because I helped those in need.

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